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Generate synthetic data, manage data, improve data quality, and build the best datasets for your AI projects with the YData Fabric platform.

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Updated 02/24/2024

YData Fabric platform is a data-centric AI tool that allows users to generate synthetic data, manage data, improve data quality, and build high-quality datasets for AI projects.


  1. Synthetic Data Generation: YData Fabric allows the creation of artificial datasets that mimic the statistical properties and behavior of real data. This feature helps protect sensitive data and improves the efficiency of models by replacing real data or enriching it with synthetic data.
  2. Data Catalog: This feature enables users to profile and manage their data. It provides an interactive data catalog to assess and track data changes and drifts.
  3. Data-Centric AI: The platform supports a data-centric approach towards AI development, improving Machine Learning (ML) development flow.
  4. Open-Source Tools: YData offers open-source tools like ydata-synthetic and ydata-profiling for generating synthetic tabular and time-series data and one-line Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) experience respectively.
  5. Community: YData has a community of data-centric AI experts and thought-leaders.

Use Cases

  1. Financial Services: YData can help improve efficiency in the payment sector.
  2. Telecommunications: The platform can manage data involved in communication.
  3. Utilities: YData can handle data from electricity, water supplies to public services.
  4. Retail: The platform can secure data for great brands.
  5. Healthcare & Pharma: YData can help uncover data in the health sector.


  1. Productivity: YData boosts productivity for data scientists by 10x.
  2. Faster Delivery: It enables 25% faster delivery of an AI model.
  3. Time-to-Market Reduction: The platform reduces time-to-market by up to 50%.
  4. Model Performance Boost: It improves model performance by up to 20% through improved data quality.

With over 12,000 data scientists using the platform daily and over 52 million downloads, YData is trusted by the community for its high-quality data generation and management capabilities.

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