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7 Best AI Chatbots in 2024: Catapult Your Efficiency

We tested the most highly rated conversational, generative AI tools to craft a list of the best AI chatbots in 2024, including ChatGPT, Gemini, & more.

By Kevin Hutson
AI Chatbots

7 Best AI Chatbots in 2024: Catapult Efficiency

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Artificial intelligence chatbots have become essential tools for professionally and personally organizing life — saving you time, providing valuable insights, and enhancing communication in various settings.

By engaging you with natural language, AI chatbots produce an enriching, human-like conversation that allows them to act as your assistant, brainstorming collaborator, customer service agent, and so much more.

From answering simple FAQs and summarizing documents to crafting stories and conversing fluently in personalized interactions, these tools fundamentally reshape how we interact with technology.

In this article:

How Conversational AI Chatbots Work

Chatbots started in the 1960s when the first-ever chatbot, ELIZA, used simple pattern matching to hold conversations. In the 1990s, bots like A.L.I.C.E. relied on heuristics and semantic knowledge.

Modern, conversational AI chatbots use machine learning, large language models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), and generative AI to comprehend patterns in data to understand and generate human language.

As you engage with the AI conversational chatbot, its underlying system gathers data from your and other users’ interactions, identifies trends, considers context and intent, and adjusts responses and suggestions to translate your prompts into engaging human-like conversations.

Ever-increasing technological sophistication enables chatbots to engage in more complex dialogues and even anticipate needs — offering increasingly tailored assistance with accurate, stimulating responses.

How We Evaluated the Best Chatbots 

Our AI experts, each with extensive experience in the field, spend an outrageous amount of time researching and reviewing the 45+ AI chatbot tools showcased on our website.

Collectively, our team holds not only a deep, up-to-date understanding of the AI landscape but also a commitment to unbiased analyses. By methodically exploring each tool and basing our endorsements solely on our honest assessment, we are confident that our recommendations will help you find the best AI tool/s for your needs.

When determining these top 10 standout AI chatbots, the factors we evaluated include:

  • Quality of prompt translation and results, such as accuracy & creativity
  • Ease of use
  • Speed of results
  • Versatility & personalization capabilities
  • Community feedback, such as user reviews

…as well as a variety of other considerations.

When to Use AI-powered Chatbots

AI chatbots offer a plethora of benefits for both business and personal use:

  • Serving as wellsprings of creativity with continuous streams of innovative ideas for various purposes, from writing to art
  • Enhancing efficiency by significantly reducing the time required for tasks like creating content and retrieving web information
  • Redefining customer engagement by offering personalized experiences — revolutionizing customer service and sales processes

While not an exhaustive list, some standout areas where AI bots can be utilized include:

Writing & Content Creation

Brainstorm, research, create drafts, and edit content for books, articles, screenplays, social media content, and more.


Students: use AI chatbots to clarify concepts, research, get personalized homework help, or learn languages. Are you an educator? Use bots to build lesson plans or create engaging learning materials, quizzes, worksheets, etc.

Sales & Marketing

Create websites, blogs, social media content, product descriptions, or other marketing material. Nurture customers and prospects by generating and qualifying leads, promoting products, and more. Gather valuable insights about your customers' needs and preferences to help finesse your strategy.

Customer Support

Integrate chatbots into support channels to handle customer queries, track orders, and offer answers around the clock. This will lighten your workload while reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Coding & Development

Get help writing code or integrating AI chatbots into applications or websites to provide natural language interfaces for products or services.

Productivity in Various Professions

Save valuable time and resources by having AI chatbots answer questions, offer insights, develop business ideas, automate repetitive tasks, schedule appointments, draft documents, set reminders, and even help you make decisions.

Personal Endeavors

Use AI chatbots to explore a topic in-depth, boost your trivia knowledge, manage your habits or budget, get a recipe or personalized fitness plan, advance in a hobby, have a fun conversation, and so much more.

AI Use Cases and Their Key Benefits

Use Case Key Benefit
Writing & Content Creation Brainstorm, research, & create drafts
Education Get personalized tutoring or craft learning materials
Sales & Marketing Create web content, qualify leads, & gather insights
Customer Support Offer faster responses with 24/7 support
Coding & Development Write code or integrate bots into apps & websites
Productivity in Various Professions Automate tasks, streamline workflows, & schedule appointments
Personal Endeavors Track habits, get fitness plans, manage budgets, & so much more

7 Best AI Chatbots in 2024

Each conversational, generative AI chatbot offers unique capabilities and distinctive strengths, from enhancing productivity to fostering creativity to streamlining information management.

To help you choose the best bot for you, we’ve developed a list of the best AI chatbots — pinpointing optimal functionality, ideal user scenarios, strengths and weaknesses, and pricing of each tool (listed alphabetically).

Comparison of Various AI Tools (as of December 2023)

Tool Name Parent Company Best Functionality Key Differentiators Price (as of Dec 2023)
Gemini Google Creative inspiration Access to Google within interface
Prioritizes accessibility
ChatGPT OpenAI Versatility Input & task variation
Expansive knowledge base
Free version
Character AI N/A Creating virtual characters Immersive experience
Range of AI models
Free version
Claude 2 Anthropic Extensive content analysis Excels at creative tasks
Self-learning ability
Reduced bias
$0.0004/conversation turn
Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) Microsoft Microsoft integration Integration capabilities
$30/month per user
Grok xAI Humor & real-time information Real-time information
Unconventional personality
Via X Premium+ for $16/month or $168/year
Perplexity N/A Web information retrieval Precise, real-time information
Offers follow-up questions & citations
Free plan
Pro: 7-day free trial, $20/month, or $200/year

Gemini: Best for Creative Inspiration

Google Gemini leverages Google's vast information repository to spur imagination and inform​​​​​​ with insightful, context-aware responses. Recently renamed to Gemini, it’s become one of the more advanced chatbots available — with unprecedented abilities to create high-quality images, write and speak over 40 languages, translate code, answer math problems, and more. It’s slated to expand to other Google products soon.


Harness multimodal AI for innovation, efficiency, and scalability with Google's advanced, developer-friendly platform.

Ideal Users

Researchers, writers, marketers, content creators, & language learners


  • Google leverage, offering intelligent, context-aware responses with real-time information from Google Maps, Flights, Hotels, YouTube, and more.

  • Multilingual & multimodal capabilities, breaking down linguistic barriers and generating text, code, images, & audio, as well as combinations of these data types.

  • Boundless creativity, constantly generating imaginative ideas & offering more than one output.

  • High-quality imagery that rivals real photographs

  • Integration via API and with other applications, including messaging platforms & websites.


  • It may sometimes offer misleading or inaccurate information.

  • It may be prone to generating repetitive or bland responses compared to other chatbots.

  • Effectiveness is reliant on the quality and quantity of data it consumes.

Pricing Options

  • Free to use
  • Gemini Pro:
    • Inputs: $0.00025/1,000 characters & $0.0025 per image
    • Outputs: $0.0005/1,000 characters

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Screenshot of Google Gemini Interface
Screenshot of Google Bard

ChatGPT: Best for Versatility

An AI pioneer, Open AI’s ChatGPT stands out with its versatile applications, from generating creative content to writing code to solving complex problems​​​​​​. Known for its ability to engage in multifaceted, fluent conversations for various purposes, it helps find information, brainstorm ideas, and explore creative writing.


Revolutionize interaction, creativity, and innovation with the leader in AI.

Editor's Pick

Ideal Users

Writers, content creators, students, developers, language learners, chefs, business professionals gathering insights, & any curious individual


  • Versatility, excelling at many tasks for many use cases, creating personalized content, accepting image inputs, and supporting API & plugins.

  • A creative powerhouse offering a continuous stream of ideas for writers, artists, and anyone seeking inspiration.

  • Expansive knowledge base, having been trained on a vast amount of information.

  • Fluency in human & non-human languages for seamless global communication, code writing & analysis.

  • Ethical, avoiding harmful or biased content for a secure and respectful exchange.


  • Lack of real-time information (without a dedicated plugin).

  • It may produce biased or politically incorrect responses, plausible-sounding but incorrect information, and unreliable outputs (e.g., creating code with security vulnerabilities).

  • Difficulty understanding complex or ambiguous input.

  • It often generates long responses, making it not ideal for concise communication.

  • Doesn’t adapt or improve performance based on user interactions or encountered data.

Pricing Options

  • GPT-3.5: Free
  • GPT 4, via ChatGPT Plus: $20/month

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Screenshot of ChatGPT Interface
Screenshot of Chat GPT

Character AI: Best for Creating Virtual Characters

A character-based LLM chatbot, Character AI is a unique conversational chatbot that allows you to create customizable virtual characters to talk to and that can assist you in diverse tasks — from language learning to brainstorming to life advice.

Supporting 19 character themes enables you to engage in intelligent conversations with personalities inspired by real or fictional characters, including historical figures and celebrities.


An AI platform for engaging in natural, open-ended conversations and creative tasks.

Editor's Pick

Ideal Users

Game developers, animators, educators, entertainment professionals, & content creators


  • It is a unique, immersive experience, offering different perspectives & allowing you to converse with different personalities, including historical figures, celebrities, and more.

  • Community sharing & collaboration enable you to rate bots, provide feedback, & contribute to training better AI models.

  • Constant evolution, continually undergoing improvement that ensures a dynamic, engaging user experience.


  • Potential inconsistencies with character portrayal.

  • It may produce offensive responses.

  • The free version is limited to only five characters, with each character limited to 100 prompts.

Pricing Options

  • Free version
  • c.ai+: $9.99/month or $119.88/year

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Screenshot of Character AI Interface
Screenshot of Character AI

Claude 2: Best for Extensive Content Analysis

Think of Anthropic’s Claude 2 as your assistant. This proprietary AI model offers a vast knowledge base, enhanced semantics capabilities, and human-like reasoning to provide comprehensive summaries with perspective and relevant statistics, solve math and law challenges, and write lengthy documents — from memos to stories.


Empowering Conversational Assistant for Streamlined Tasks, Data Analysis, and Multilingual Engagement.

Editor's Pick

Ideal Users

Developers, creative writers, language learners, students, & anyone seeking data analysis, advice, or a personal assistant


  • Uniquely huge context capacity, handling prompts of up to 75,000 words.

  • Self-fine-tuning constitutional AI system that produces “less harmful” responses.

  • Ability to interact with other software via API and Slack integration.

  • Self-learning ability allows it to improve without human feedback.


  • Only available in the US and UK (without a VPN) as of December 2023.

  • They may retain some stereotype-based biases or make occasional mistakes, “hallucination,” or fallacy.

  • Not connected to the internet.

Pricing Options

  • Pay-as-you-go: $0.0004/conversation turn

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Screenshot of Claude's Interface
Screenshot of Claude 2

Copilot: Best for Microsoft Integration

Formerly known as Bing Chat, Microsoft’s Copilot is a free-to-use, highly versatile AI chatbot that quickly gained popularity for its exceptional integration with Microsoft's ecosystem and performance across various applications. Like ChatGPT, it's highly proficient and can handle even the most intricate conversations.


Boost productivity with AI-driven organizing, deep search, and Microsoft integration.

Ideal Users

Business analysts, educators, & anyone who uses Microsoft products


  • Seamless integration, intuitively connecting to and enhancing productivity across various Microsoft applications

  • Designed to improve productivity by simplifying tasks, automating processes, and providing timely suggestions based on data and usage patterns

  • Enhance collaboration with real-time document collaboration, meeting time suggestions, and more that make group projects more efficient and harmonious


  • Primarily beneficial for users deeply integrated with Microsoft products

  • Availability & functionality may vary by device type, market, browser version, or account type

  • Privacy implication concerns, particularly regarding integration with Bing and potential access to local files & applications

Pricing Options

  • Free
  • $30/month per Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, & Business Premium user

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Screenshot of Microsoft Copilot's Interface
Screenshot of Copilot. Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Grok: Best for Humor & Real-time Information

Co-founded by Elon Musk, xAI’s Grok is a new chatbot with an unconventional personality that gives it the potential to foster more engaging learning. Offering humorous responses and access to real-time information, it’s built to provide information on global events and offer new, witty ideas.


Experience innovative research and creative insights with Grok AI, a witty AI assistant known for its fun and engaging approach.

Editor's Pick

Ideal Users

Content creators, marketers, writers, reporters, & anyone seeking information about current events or witty, humorous answers and ideas


  • Humor & wit capabilities provide a novel and exciting experience.

  • Real-time information via connection to the X platform makes it a valuable tool for staying updated on current events.


  • Limited availability with a waitlist and is accessible only to X Premium+ subscribers as of December 2023.

  • Being in the early stages of development, it may encounter problems.

  • Potential for misinformation.

Pricing Options

  • Via X Premium+ subscription: $16/month or $168/year

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Elon Musk Sharing an Example Output from Grok
Elon demonstrating Groks "humor"

Perplexity: Best for Web Information Retrieval

A versatile ChatGPT alternative with a user-friendly interface, Perplexity AI shines in unearthing valuable information from the vastness of the internet. It offers in-depth access to relevant, up-to-date information by answering even the most complex questions with perspective, citations, and follow-up questions that better your understanding.


Unlock the power of AI to transform your search experience, delivering precise answers and creative insights instantly.

Editor's Pick

Ideal Users

Students, scientists, researchers, writers, & anyone looking for summaries of global news, pop culture events, and more


  • Contextual, detailed responses & follow-up questions that help you fully understand search topics.

  • Precision with wide-ranging information retrieval that pinpoints accurate, relevant information.

  • Combination of OpenAI and Microsoft search engine advancements.

  • User-friendly interface with learned preferences, making it simple to use while understanding your needs.


  • You must purchase a Pro plan for advanced features, such as unlimited file uploads, dedicated support, and additional Copilot and GPT-4 use.

  • No API access.

  • Prone to hallucinations or falsities.

Pricing Options

  • Free plan
  • Perplexity Pro:
    • 7-day free trial
    • $20/month or $200/year

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Screenshot of Perplexity's Interface
Screenshot of Perplexity

Honorable Mentions

While the seven tools we selected above may reign as the top chatbots out there, we’d be remiss not to mention some of our other favorites, which include:

  • Ada: Best for Customer Service
  • Chatsonic: Best for Creative Industries
  • Drift: Best for Customer Engagement
  • Hugging Face: Best for Developer Flexibility
  • Jasper: Best for Marketing & Content Creation
  • YouChat: Best for Academic Research

How To Pick The Best AI Chatbot For You

Selecting the best chatbot for you can be daunting amidst the diverse options available. But by carefully evaluating the available options, you can find the best tool that offers AI features that meet your needs, provide an enjoyable experience, and seamlessly fit into your existing ecosystem.

When deciding, you may want to consider what you want to use the chatbot for:

  • Are you looking to automate customer service, conduct research, create content, or have some fun?
  • Do you need outputs in another language?

Evaluate the features and functionalities different chatbots offer to ensure they align with your requirements.


To ensure reliable results, choose a regularly updated, trained, and debugged tool, which will help minimize inaccuracies and other weaknesses.

Ease of Use

Ensure the chatbot aligns with your technical comfort level for a seamless experience.

Integration Capabilities

If you want to integrate the chatbot with other software and platforms you're using, check to see if and how easily or well it can integrate with your existing and anticipated tech ecosystem.


AI chatbots come in various pricing models, from free trials to subscription-based plans. Compare pricing models and examine what's included in each plan to find a solution within your budget.


If your projects require specific features, look for tools that offer more personalization options. With some chatbots, you can customize the language model to suit your target audience better, addressing their preferences and intents while maintaining your brand's tone of voice.

Data Security

Do you have confidential information? You may want to ensure that the tool you select prioritizes data privacy and offers robust security measures.


Will the chatbot grow with your needs over time? Consider the tool's ability to adapt to future advancements, needs, and project scales.

By weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your current needs and paves the way for future innovation and growth.

What’s next for AI Chatbots

Already transforming industries and enhancing efficiency across diverse domains and poised to become even more integrated into our daily lives, AI chatbots offer an exciting, vast landscape of possibilities.


In subsequent iterations of these tools, we may see them become more:

  • Contextually aware and able to grasp the nuances of conversation.
  • Empathetic & understanding of complex human language and emotions.
  • Capable of handling increasingly complex tasks.


Assimilation with other platforms and services will likely continue to grow, offering a seamless blending of AI chatbots within increasingly existing technologies.

Sector Expansion

AI chatbots are anticipated to become more specialized in various industries — offering extraordinary advancements in healthcare, education, e-commerce, finance, travel, and more.


These tools may become more tailored to your needs and preferences — becoming your efficiently customized assistant that knows how you like to work, the tone you prefer, and even your interests.

Whatever happens, the potential trajectory for these AI chatbots is boundlessly exhilarating and will undoubtedly bring innovations and transformative experiences that redefine how we work, learn, and communicate.

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