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7 Best AI Text Generators in 2024: Finesse Communication

We tested the most highly rated AI text generator tools to craft a list of the best AI text generators in 2024.

By Kevin Hutson
AI Text Generators

7 Best AI Text Generators in 2024: Finesse Communication

In the dynamic realm of content creation, artificial intelligence (AI) text generators have emerged as transformative tools for unprecedented efficiency and creativity.

Using machine learning to produce human-quality text, these AI writing tools help writers, marketers, creatives, students, and professionals in many industries instantly draft compelling written content.

In this article:

How AI Text Generator Tools Work

AI content generation began with simple language processing that could barely construct coherent sentences and only replicate predefined text patterns.

But more advanced AI models, such as GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer), have since emerged that use machine learning — specifically large language models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), and neural networks — to:

  • Analyze vast datasets
  • Comprehend language patterns
  • Gather data from your & other users’ interactions
  • Identify trends
  • Consider context & intent
  • Adjust responses & suggestions

The result? A significant increase in these tools’ ability to quickly and efficiently create high-quality, context-aware text caters to various styles and tones.

How We Evaluated the Top Text Generators 

Our AI experts, each with extensive experience in the field, spend an outrageous amount of time researching and reviewing the 290+ AI text generators showcased on our website.

Our experts have a deep, up-to-date understanding of the AI landscape and a commitment to unbiased analyses. By methodically exploring each tool and basing our endorsements solely on our honest assessment, we are confident that our recommendations will help you find the best AI tool/s for your needs.

When determining these top ten standout AI text generators, the factors we evaluated include:

  • Quality of prompt translation and results, such as accuracy & creativity
  • Ease of use
  • Speed of results
  • Versatility & customization capabilities
  • Community feedback, such as user reviews

…as well as a variety of other considerations.

When to Use AI-powered Text Generators

AI technology is revolutionizing the way we generate content by exponentially enhancing:

  • Efficiency, significantly cutting task times from hours to mere minutes
  • Creativity, acting as a master brainstorming partner that never runs out of fresh ideas
  • Communication, refining for grammar & clarity while writing seamlessly across languages

Some top use cases where you can use AI content generators to save time, boost innovation, and improve interactions include:

Writing & Content Creation

Craft engaging scripts, impactful articles, and captivating screenplays, songs, or poetry. Overcome writer’s block, research background information and statistics, diversify your writing styles to meet clients’ varied needs, or find and explore new plot lines and character ideas.

Are you writing for a global audience? Translate your text into multiple languages to ensure it’s relevant and effective for diverse audiences. Are you a non-native English speaker? AI text generators are invaluable tools for improving your English writing skills.

Marketing & Sales

Use AI to create and maintain an engaging online presence, qualify more vital leads, and boost sales by effectively researching and planning content strategies, creating high-converting messages across various digital channels, writing sales emails and reports, and optimizing SEO content to expand your search engine rankings.


Compile notes, synthesize information, generate lesson plans and study guides, and craft articulate, academically sound essays, reports, and dissertations that resonate and impress.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Craft effective marketing assets, product descriptions, website content, and press releases without needing a dedicated team. Automate your customer support, efficiently perform market research, summarize findings, and more.

Productivity in Various Industries

Craft straightforward, impactful emails, reports, and presentations, align your team with automated meeting summaries and task outlines, and open up global opportunities by communicating across languages.

Personal Endeavors

Explore a topic in-depth, get inspired with journal prompts, plan a vacation or event, get a recipe based on what’s in your pantry, advance in a hobby with step-by-step instructions, and so much more.

Use Case Key Benefit
Writing & Content Creation Brainstorm, research, and draft articles, songs, scripts, & more
Marketing & Sales Plan, craft, & optimize content quickly
Write sales materials & reports
Education Synthesize notes, create lessons & study guides, or write essays
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Craft product descriptions, web content, & press releases
Automate customer support & perform market research
Productivity in Various Professions Write emails, reports, & presentations across languages
Automate meeting summaries
Personal Endeavors Explore topics, get journal prompts & recipes, & plan events

The 10 Best AI Text Generators in 2024

Each AI text generator offers a distinct blend of features and strengths, from user-friendly interfaces and extensive libraries of templates to impressive long-form content generation to emotionally attuned outputs.

To help you choose the best option, we’ve developed a list of the best AI text generation tools — pinpointing optimal functionality, ideal user scenarios, strengths and weaknesses, and pricing of each tool (listed alphabetically).

Brand Best Functionality Key Differentiators Price (as of Dec 2023)
Anyword Data-driven marketing copy Audience targeting
SEO-optimized outputs
Predictive insights
Free 7-day trial
Plans starting at $49-/month or $468/year
Custom enterprise pricing
ContentBot Diverse content solutions High-quality, SEO-friendly outputs
Suggestions to enhance text
Free demo of 7,500 words
One-time buy: $1/1000 words
Plans from $19-$99/month
Copysmith Collaborative content Style & tone flexibility
Rich editing tools
Plans from $19-$49/month or $228-$490/year
Custom enterprise pricing
Copy.ai Versatile, template-driven writing 90+ templates
Tone customization
Free version
Plans from $49-$4,000/month or $432-$36,000/year
Grammarly Language precision Highly proficient text editor
Context-specific suggestions
Expert advice for improving user’s skills
Plagiarism checks (paid plans only)
Free version
Free 7-day trial for all plans
Plans starting at $25/month or $144/year per user
Custom enterprise pricing
Jasper Comprehensive content creation Excels at long-form content
Advanced language processing captures mood & emotions
Adaptive writing styles
Free 7-day trial
Plans from $49-$69/month or $468-708/year
Custom business pricing
MarketMuse SEO-optimized content In-depth SEO & competitor analyses
Customizable content briefs
High-quality outputs
7-day free trial
Free option
Paid plans from $149-399/month or $1,500-$3,900/year
Custom premium pricing
Notion AI Organizational tasks Enhanced organization capabilities
Context-aware suggestions
Free to use
Paid plans from $10-$18/month or $96-$180/year
Custom enterprise pricing
Rytr Creative, artistic writing Excels at emotional context & idea generation
Diverse outputs
Extensive customization
Free plan
Paid plans from $9-$29/month or $90-$290/year
ShortlyAI Short-form content Excels at short-form content
User-friendly interface
Tone & style versatility
$79/month or $780/year

Anyword: Best for Data-Driven Marketing Copy

Craft persuasive marketing narratives that drive engagement and boost sales with Anyword. Understanding diverse audience segments and data-backed outputs equips you with tailored messages and influential insights for all of your marketing endeavors – from captivating landing pages to product descriptions to multichannel ad campaigns.

Free Trial

Take guesswork out of marketing text, converts for effective copy.

Ideal Users

Digital marketers, content strategists, small business owners, & e-commerce entrepreneurs.


  • Data-driven & SEO-optimized outputs that enhance the success of your marketing content.

  • Audience targeting, tailoring your message to diverse, specific audience segments.

  • Multichannel proficiency & adaptability across various platforms ensure consistency.

  • Evolution with your campaigns, learning from past successes & refining future suggestions.

  • Predictive performance insights, offering performance scoring for content effectiveness.


  • Not as effective for extensive, long-form content.

  • The basic plan comes with significant limitations.

Pricing Options

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Starter: 1 seat, 100+ templates, unlimited copy, and blog wizard
    • $49/month or $468/year
  • Data-Driven: 3 seats, enhanced performance features, and more
    • $99/month or $948/year
  • Business: advanced features for larger teams
    • Starting at $499/month or $4,188/year
  • Enterprise: corporate-grade features​​ for high-scale needs
    • Custom pricing

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Preview of Anyword Social Post Generator

ContentBot: Best for Diverse Content Solutions

From blogs and ads to email campaigns, ContentBot streamlines the creation process. With a user-friendly interface, a range of templates, and SEO-friendly outputs, it offers swift solutions and relevant suggestions for enhancing your content.


AI-driven content creation, automating workflows in 110+ languages, ensuring originality.

Ideal Users

Marketers, writers, content creators, & small business owners.


  • User-friendly interface makes it accessible for experience levels.

  • Wide range of templates for different content types and purposes — including storytelling, listicles, & more.

  • High-quality, SEO-friendly outputs with suggestions for sentence continuations & ideas to enhance the text.

  • Multi-language support, making it usable for a global audience

  • Customization & collaboration, allowing you to tailor the content while co-creating with team members.


  • Optimal results may require additional input.

Pricing Options

  • Free demo: 7,500 words
  • Prepaid: $1/1000 words
  • Plans
    • Starter: $19/month; 50,000 words/month
    • Premium: $59/month; 150,000 words/month
    • Premium+: $99/month; 400,000 words/month

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Copysmith: Best for Collaborative Content

By expediting brainstorming, writing, collaboration, and more, Copysmith is an AI tool for writing content quickly and at scale while ensuring originality and brand consistency across all your materials. Effortlessly molding itself to your unique writing needs, it’s a versatile tool that adapts to diverse writing styles to transform your ideas into well-crafted narratives across genres and platforms.

Free Trial

AI Copywriting Software for eCommerce teams & agencies.

Ideal Users

Writers, marketers, content creators, & entrepreneurs.


  • Style & tone flexibility, adapting to various writing styles — from blogs to professional reports.

  • Intuitive user interface designed for ease & efficiency for all skill levels.

  • Teamwork facilitation allows multiple users to collaborate on a single document seamlessly.

  • Rich editing tools that help polish your text to perfection.

  • Writing templates & SEO-optimized outputs to enhance the effectiveness of your content.


  • Credits expire after 3 months.

Pricing Options

  • Starter: $19/month or $228/year
  • Pro: $49/month or $490/year
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Copy.ai: Best for Versatile, Template-Driven Writing

Whether you need a catchy tweet, a compelling marketing pitch, or a thoughtful blog post, Copy.ai offers endless inspiration. With over 90 templates spanning various marketing and creative writing genres, it’s a creative companion that brings simplicity and efficiency to all your writing projects.


Generate compelling copy that converts with the help of AI-powered Copy.ai

Ideal Users

Small business owners, writers, social media managers, & students.


  • Incredibly varied templates for diverse writing needs — from ad copy to haikus.

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface that guides you through content creation effortlessly.

  • Proficient in multiple languages, enhancing global usability.

  • Tone customization to perfectly match your desired voice.


  • Sometimes generates irrelevant or awkward content.

Pricing Options

  • Free: 2,000 words for 1 user
  • Pro: $49/month or $432/year for 5 users
  • Team: $249/month or $2,232/year for 20 users
  • Growth: $1,333/month or $12,000/year for 75 users
  • Scale: $4,000/month or $36,000/year for 200 users

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Copy.ai Tutorial
CopyAI in action.

Grammarly: Best for Language Precision

While best known for its punctuation and spell-checking expertise, Grammarly is a free AI text generator beyond mere grammatical edits — doubling as a personal writing consultant. Whether you're composing an email, academic essay, or blog post, it offers expert, real-time advice to polish your writing for maximum clarity, brevity, and impact.


Elevate writing with real-time grammar, tone, and plagiarism checks.

Ideal Users

Writers, students, professionals in various industries, & non-native English speakers.


  • Deep understanding of language nuances, going beyond basic grammar checks to provide context-specific suggestions.

  • Plagiarism checker that scans your text against billions of web pages to ensure originality.

  • Tone detection offers insights to align your words with the intended mood.

  • Highly accurate, real-time grammar corrections with minimal errors.

  • Feedback with explanations that help improve your skills.


  • Does not function on all writing platforms equally.

Pricing Options

  • Free version
  • Plans:
    • 7-day free trial for all plans
    • Premium: $30/month, $20/quarter, or $144/year
    • Business: $25/month or $180/year per user (3 users minimum)
    • Enterprise: custom pricing

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Jasper: Best for Comprehensive Content Creation

Formerly known as Jarvis AI, Jasper is the go-to companion for long-form content. Whether for drafting professional reports, articles, scripts, or social media posts, working with Jasper is like having a skilled wordsmith by your side — bringing your ideas to life with creativity, eloquence, and unmatched finesse.

Free Trial

An AI-driven platform for efficient, high-quality content creation and marketing strategy enhancement.

Ideal Users

Content creators, marketers, business owners, students, & researchers.


  • Advanced natural language capabilities that go beyond factual to capture the mood, tone, & emotions in your messages.

  • Adaptive writing styles to fit various content needs effortlessly.

  • SEO-friendly outputs intuitively optimized for search engines.


  • Struggles with highly technical or complex subjects.

  • Requires user-guided fact-checking to ensure accurate and relevant output.

Pricing Options

  • 7-day free trial
  • Creator: $49/month or $468/year for 1 user
  • Pro: $69/month or $708/year per user for up to 5 users
  • Business: custom pricing

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

MarketMuse: Best for SEO-Optimized Content

MarketMuse blends engaging, informative content creation with SEO mastery. It goes beyond basic keyword optimization by analyzing search engine data to maximize your content. It’s a strategic partner with a data-driven approach that increases your chances of achieving top rankings and higher engagement.


Revolutionize content strategy with AI-driven research, planning, and optimization.

Ideal Users

SEO specialists, content marketers, bloggers, and e-commerce professionals.


  • In-depth SEO analysis that goes beyond basic keyword optimization to identify valuable insights & profitable content topics.

  • Competitor analysis offers a unique lens into what others are doing right and how you can do it better.

  • High quality, ensuring content is top-notch, engaging, and informative.

  • Customizable content briefs, ensuring each piece has a clear, strategic direction.

  • Integrated content management simplifies content planning & tracking.


  • Potentially overwhelming for users with limited SEO experience.

  • Relatively expensive compared to similar tools.

Pricing Options

  • 7-day free trial
  • Free plan: 10 queries/month
  • Standard: $149/month or $1,500/year; 100 queries/month
  • Team: $399/month or $3,900/year; unlimited queries
  • Premium: custom pricing

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Notion AI: Best for Organizational Tasks

Notion AI seamlessly integrates AI-powered text generation into your note-taking and project management tasks, acting as a master writing mentor directly in your Notion workspace. Understanding your project's context and offering context-aware suggestions to streamline workflow supercharges your productivity and creativity.


Unlock AI-powered magic in Notion to write faster and think bigger.

Ideal Users

Business professionals, project managers, students, researchers, & content creators.


  • Context-aware suggestions that feel like they're coming from a team member.

  • Enhanced organization capabilities that accelerate productivity — turning hours of work into minutes.

  • Adaptation to a wide range of needs, whether drafting meeting minutes or brainstorming ideas.

  • Cost-effective & more affordable than similar tools.


  • Does not integrate with non-Notion systems.

  • May not be compelling enough to switch to Notion exclusively.

Pricing Options

  • Free to use
  • Plus: $10/month or $96/year
  • Business: $18/month or $180/year
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Rytr: Best for Creative, Artistic Writing

Craft your thoughts into expressive masterpieces that captivate audiences with Rytr, a Copysmith product geared toward freelancers. Uniquely understanding the subtleties of artistic language, this AI writer tool ignites your imagination and articulates your thoughts with depth and emotion across various formats—from blogs and emails to scripts, songs, and even poetry.


AI assistant crafts quality content swiftly across languages and tones.

Ideal Users

Content creators, musicians, and various types of writers, including poets, screenwriters, & more.


  • Artistic language proficiency, making it ideal for crafting pieces that require emotional depth.

  • Diverse outputs, including emails, poems, scripts, & more.

  • Idea generation, providing a stream of ideas that kick start or enrich your projects.

  • Extensive customization options to refine content to your specific style & tone preferences.

  • Short-form specialization, offering top-quality, concise outputs.


  • Lacks comprehensive SEO-optimization tools.

  • Some phrases are predictable and overused, revealing AI origins.

Pricing Options

  • Free: 10,000 characters/month
  • Saver: $9/month or $90/year; 100,000 characters/month
  • Unlimited: $29/month or $290/year; unlimited characters/month

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

ShortlyAI: Best for Short-Form Content

Craft impactful email subject lines, product descriptions, social media posts, and other character-restrained pieces 10x faster with ShortlyAI — your go-to tool for concise, short-form content.

Free Trial

Enhance writing, combat writer's block, and streamline content creation effortlessly.

Ideal Users

Social media influencers, email marketers, writers, & business professionals.


  • Precision in brevity, ensuring maximum impact in minimal words.

  • Idea generation, offering fresh, engaging concepts for any topic.

  • User-friendly interface that’s as easy and intuitive as using a familiar smartphone app.

  • Tone & style adaptability, skillfully switching between writing styles to match your needs.


  • Relatively expensive compared to similar tools.

Pricing Options

  • $79/month or $780/year

Pricing is accurate as of December 2023.

Honorable Mentions

While we deemed the tools above as the top text generators out there, we’d be remiss not to mention some of our other favorites, which include:

How To Pick The Best AI Text Generator For You

In your search for your ideal text generation tool, you'll find an array of options that each promise to enhance your writing experience in unique ways. Choosing the right AI writing assistant thus requires understanding your specific needs.

Carefully evaluate potential tools’ unique features, ease of use, adaptability to the needs of your writing tasks, and more, including:

Use Case

  • What are you looking for in an AI text generator?
  • Do you need a tool that excels at creative content, or are you looking for one with a more formal tone?
  • Are you writing short-form or long-form content?
  • Do you need outputs in another language?

Please evaluate the features and functionalities different chatbots offer to ensure they align with your requirements.


To ensure reliable results, choose a regularly updated, trained, and debugged tool, which will help minimize inaccuracies and other weaknesses.

Ease of Use

Ensure the chatbot aligns with your technical comfort level for a seamless experience. Perhaps you’re a beginner who requires an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Or maybe you’re well-acquainted with complex technology and would appreciate the enhanced functionalities of advanced tools.


You may want to select a tool that offers more personalization options that allow you to customize the output:

  • Types, such as articles, landing pages, poems, or slogans
  • Tone & style
  • Length
  • Level of detail
  • And more

Integration Capabilities

Will you integrate the tool with other software and platforms, such as your website or online store, email marketing tools, or customer relationship management (CRM) system? Check to see if (and how easily or well) it can integrate with your existing and anticipated tech ecosystem.


AI chatbots come in various pricing models, from completely free to use to subscription-based plans and custom enterprise prices. Compare costs and what's included in each plan to find a solution within your budget.

Data Security

Do you have confidential information? You may want to ensure the selected tool prioritizes data privacy and offers robust security measures.


Will the generator grow with your needs over time? While you can always choose another one later, it may be worthwhile to consider the tool's ability to adapt to future advancements, needs, and project scales.

By weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your current needs and paves the way for future innovation and growth.

What’s next for AI Text Generators

Already enhancing efficiency and creativity across diverse domains, AI text generators are poised to become even more integrated into our daily lives.

We can expect to see increased available tools, improved capabilities, and even more innovative applications as AI continues to evolve, further transforming the content generation landscape. The trend will likely blend innovation and practicality, producing higher-quality, more accurate responses and contextually relevant and personalized content.

Possible areas of advancement include:

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

AI may better understand context, sarcasm, and nuanced language, resulting in content that resonates better.


These tools will likely become more capable of producing content tailored to your and your audience’s preferences and behavioral patterns.


As AI becomes more interactive, you can expect to see tools that can dynamically alter content based on real-time data or user input.


Expect AI text generators to effectively handle increasingly complex tasks. Multimodal content generation, or outputs that include a harmonized combination of images, video, and audio, is also likely.


Assimilation with other platforms and services will likely continue to grow, offering a seamless blending of AI text generators within more technologies.


AI should become more responsible, focusing on user trust with more transparent systems free from bias and respecting privacy.

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