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The Best AI Art Generators in 2024

After testing the most popular and highly rated AI art generation tools, we narrowed the list down to the top 10 best AI art generators for 2024.

By Kevin Hutson
AI Art Generators

10 Best AI Art Generators in 2024: Revolutionize Artistry

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By transforming mere ideas into digital masterpieces in minutes, AI art generators are significantly redefining the boundaries of creativity. With these tools, professional and novice creators can easily craft high-quality visuals for marketing campaigns, learning materials, art exhibits, product mockups, and more. They’re even revolutionizing the world of art therapy and enabling urban planners to visualize entire city layouts — giving rise to novel artistic dimensions.

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How AI Art Generators Work

By harnessing machine learning, AI models learn from vast datasets. Leveraging complex mathematical models and intricate neural networks, the AI comprehends patterns, like how lines, colors, and shapes come together to make a picture.

To generate images, also known as generative AI, the user first determines parameters via inputs such as a text prompt or image and potentially includes criteria such as style transfer or color palette selection.

The generator then iterates variations through user feedback to produce entirely new visuals or manipulate existing ones.

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How We Evaluated AI Art Generators

Our AI experts, each with extensive experience in the field, spend an outrageous amount of time researching and reviewing 140+ AI art tools showcased on our website.

Collectively, our team holds not only a deep, up-to-date understanding of the AI landscape but also a commitment to unbiased analyses. We are confident that our recommendations will help you find the best AI tools for your needs by methodically exploring each tool and basing our endorsements solely on our honest assessment.

When determining these top AI art generation tools, the factors we evaluated include:

  • Quality of results, such as output resolution, realism, and detail
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility and customization capabilities
  • Diversity across styles and effects
  • Prompt translation accuracy
  • Speed of results
  • Community feedback, such as user reviews

…as well as a variety of other considerations.

When to Use AI-Generated Art

Art generators serve diverse creative needs and dreams and open doors for seasoned professionals, passionate AI enthusiasts, and everyone. While not an exhaustive list, some standout areas where you can use an AI generator include:

Marketing & Content Creation

Produce unique, high-quality visuals for marketing campaigns, blogs, social media platforms, YouTube thumbnails, and more.

Art, Illustration, & Graphic Design

Create complex, detailed artworks for exhibitions, client projects, and digital galleries. NFT Creators: produce unique digital art for blockchain platforms.

Gaming, Film, & Music

Generate realistic character designs or scene layouts, enhance video content, or craft unique album covers.


Design educational posters, infographics, or multimedia content to make learning materials more engaging. Anthropologists: visualize cultural and historical concepts.

Entrepreneurship & Startups

Create initial branding materials like logos and product mockups, or quickly create professional-quality advertising materials.

Various Professional Needs

Visualize new fashion lines with photorealistic model images, envision concepts and designs for events, or even use AI art as a tool in art therapy sessions for expression and healing. Architects, interior designers, and urban planners: imagine future city layouts, architectural concepts, or interior aesthetics.

Personal Endeavors

Explore AI art for personal projects, experimenting with various styles to develop your artistic skills.

While each of the top image generators offers compelling capabilities, the ideal one depends on your needs as the image creator. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve pinpointed the optimal functionality, key differentiators, and pricing for each tool (listed alphabetically).

Brand Best Functionality Key Differentiators Price (as of Nov 2023)
Artbreeder Collaboration Experimentation with effects, Precision Free version
Plans from $8.99-$38.99/month or $89.88-$371.88/year
Canva AI Integrated design work All-in-one solution, User-friendly interface, Versatility Free plan
Plans from $14.99-$29.99/month or $119.99-$300/year
Craiyon Robust free use Experimentation with diverse range of styles & concepts, Elevated refinement capabilities Free to use
Plans from $6-$24/month or $60-$240/year
Contact for custom pricing
DALL-E 3 User friendliness High level of detail, Advanced textual understanding via ChatGPT integration, Ethical adherence $20/month via ChatGPT Plus
From $0.04-$0.08/image in standard quality or $0.08-$0.12 for HD
DeepAI Customization Excellent text prompt interpretation, Extensive customization, Public domain freedom Pay-as-you-go $5 per 100 API calls or $5/month plan for 500 API calls/month
Jasper Art Professional use High-resolution outputs, Royalty-free commercial use, Unlimited generations Free trial
Plans from $49-$69/month or $468-$708/year
Contact for business pricing
Midjourney Photorealism Unrivaled photorealism, Precision, Community-driven evolution Free trial
Plans from $10-120/month or $96-1152/year
NightCafe Studio Seasoned artists Style variety, Cross-platform functionality, Ownerships over creations 5 free credits
Plans from $5.99-$49.99/month or $14.37-$119.97/quarter
Runway Multimedia creations Multimedia capabilities, Extensive features Free 125 credits
Plans from $12-$76/month when billed annually or $144-$912/year
Contact for enterprise pricing
starry.ai NFT creation Free daily images, Full ownership rights, Customization options Free version: 25 images/day
Plans from $11.98-$79.98/month or $95.99-$768/year

Artbreeder: Best for Blending & Morphing Images

Allowing you to blend and morph images, Artbreeder is a unique AI image generator that utilizes a breeding system to create new and original artworks — giving rise to unexpected, creative results. In addition to paid versions, Artbreeder offers a free plan.


Revolutionize digital art creation with AI-powered image blending and customization.

Ideal Users

Experimenters, artists seeking unique styles, and those interested in exploring artistic transitions.


  • Unique image breeding system creates entirely new images by blending and morphing existing ones.

  • Creative exploration with different styles and techniques.

  • Artistic transitions allow you to visualize progressions between images or styles.


  • Requires more artistic input to achieve desired results.

  • Not as straightforward as other AI image generators.

Pricing Options

  • Free version: 3 credits per month
  • Starter: $8.99/month; 100 credits per month
  • Advanced: $18.99/month; 275 credits per month
  • Champion: $38.99/month; 700 credits per month

All plans are 20% off when billed annually.

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

Display of Art Breeder Mixer - Inputs and Output

Canva: Best for Integrated Design Work

Canva skyrockets efficiency by seamlessly integrating AI art into various projects with a vast, comprehensive design toolkit.


An AI-enhanced graphic design platform that simplifies the creation of visually stunning content for both beginners and professionals.

Ideal Users

Small business owners, social media managers, and educators.


  • All-in-one solution, uniquely combining AI-powered art generation with Canva's comprehensive design toolkit.

  • User-friendly interface makes it accessible and easy to use for users of all skill levels.

  • Versatility for various design needs, from social media graphics to corporate presentations.


  • May not fully replicate the nuanced creativity and flair of a human artist.

Pricing Options

  • Free: limited access to AI tools
  • Pro: $14.99/month or $119.99/year; full access to AI tools
  • Teams: $29.99/month or $300/yr; full access + apply brand colors, voice, & more to AI outputs

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

View of Canva Templates for Business.

Craiyon: Best for Robust Free Use

As one of the best free AI art generators, the user-friendly Craiyon provides a no-cost, accessible entry point into AI art while offering a vast playground for diverse art styles.


Unleash your creativity with an AI that turns words into visual art instantly.

Ideal Users

Educators, startup founders, and creative enthusiasts and professionals.


  • User-friendly interface makes art creation enjoyable for users of all expertise levels.

  • Vast playground for creativity where you can experiment with a diverse range of styles, from whimsical to surreal.

  • Refinement capabilities for creations with more professional-looking outcomes.


  • May sometimes unintentionally reflect bias in its image generation.

Pricing Options

  • Free
  • Supporter: $6/month or $60/year
  • Professional: $24/month or $240/year
  • Custom: contact for pricing

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

Craiyon Homescreen

DALL·E 3: Best for High-quality, Imaginative Visuals

One of the more advanced AI tools is DALL·E 3, which transforms text into vibrant images with a simplicity accessible to newcomers and seasoned artists. Complete ownership of your creations promotes artistic freedom over diverse applications.

Contact for Pricing

Revolutionize imagery with AI: from text prompts to vivid visuals.

Ideal Users

Graphic designers, artists, educators, content creators, urban planners.


  • Intricate image crafting with a level of detail rivaling traditional methods.

  • Integration with ChatGPT, uniquely combining advanced textual understanding with a user interface that's intuitive even for novices.

  • Ethical adherence, ensuring generated content is responsible and respectful of sensitive topics.


  • Public figure and artist style limitations restrict utility in specific creative contexts.

Pricing Options

  • $20/month as part of ChatGPT Plus
  • Standard Quality
    • 1024x1024 resolution: $0.04/image
    • 1024x1792; 1792x1024: $0.08/image
  • HD Quality
    • 1024x1024 resolution: $0.08/image
    • 1024x1792; 1792x1024: $0.12/image

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

DeepAI: Best for Customization

A playground for creativity, DeepAI elevates your natural artistic abilities...or lack thereof…with intricate customization options.


Elevate your creative and technical work with AI-powered text, image, and code generation.

Ideal Users

Digital marketers, content creators, interior designers, and AI hobbyists.


  • Excellent text-to-image transformation, allowing you to get the results you seek quickly.

  • Extensive customization options allow you to tailor your art to specific preferences.

  • Versatility, adapting to a wide range of creative demands.

  • Public domain freedom allows you to freely use your creation in commercial or personal contexts.


  • The pay-as-you-go model for API calls might add up for heavy users, impacting overall cost.

Pricing Options

  • Pay-as-you-go: $5/100 API calls
  • Pro: $5/month for 500 API calls

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

DeepAI Interface

Jasper Art: Best for Professional Use

Combining professional-grade art creation with AI speed, Jasper Art is ideal for creating sharp, high-resolution images that meet high-quality standards — making it one of the better AI art generators available for use in various professional contexts.

Free Trial

An AI-driven platform for efficient, high-quality content creation and marketing strategy enhancement.

Ideal Users

Marketers, content creators, and event planners.


  • High-resolution outputs that meet the quality standards of professional projects.

  • Royalty-free commercial use empowers you to use creations in commercial ventures without legal hurdles.

  • Unlimited generations foster unrestrained experimentation.


  • Requires a clear vision/idea to leverage its capabilities fully.

Pricing Options

  • 7-day free trial
  • Plans:
    • Creator: $49/month or $468/year
    • Pro: $69/month or $708/year
    • Business: contact for pricing

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

Midjourney: Best for Photorealism

As one of the most popular AI art generators on the market, Midjourney's skill in crafting hyper-realistic images places it at the forefront of AI-driven art — setting a high standard with precision that produces stunning outputs closely mimicking real-life photography.

Free Trial

Unlock digital artistry: AI transforms text into stunning visuals, seamlessly via Discord.

Ideal Users

Professional artists, illustrators, game developers, and fashion designers.


  • Unrivaled photorealism & precision, producing stunningly lifelike creations.

  • Collaboration is easily fostered on Discord Community Hub, where the platform lives.

  • User-driven evolution, continuously evolving based on user input and shared insights.

  • Artistic control allows you to refine your creations thoroughly.


  • May not fully cater to more abstract or stylized artistic expressions.

Pricing Options

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Plans:
    • Basic: $10/month or $96/year
    • Standard: $30/month or $288/year
    • Pro: $60/month or $576/year
    • Mega: $120/month or $1152/year

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

Midjourney Prompted with: "a photo of brown labradoodle jumping to grab a treat"

NightCafe Studio: Best for Seasoned Artists

NightCafe Studio elevates artistic possibilities, seamlessly merging inspiration with AI's precision. Esteemed for its deep customization and rich art styles, it's celebrated as the premier choice for artists aiming to push the boundaries of digital creativity.


Unleash AI-driven art creation, no skills required, endless styles.

Ideal Users

Digital artists, AI hobbyists, and mental health professionals


  • Wide array of styles & techniques, fostering artistic exploration.

  • Accessibility across devices allows you to create AI art anytime, anywhere.

  • Creation ownership, granting you full rights over your creations.


  • Output quality and uniqueness heavily depend on creative input.

Pricing Options

  • 5 free credits to start
  • One-time Credit Packs:
    • $7.99: 100 credits
    • $9.99: 200 credits
    • $19.99: 500 credits
    • $37.99: 1000 credits
    • $79.99: 2500 credits
    • $299.99: 10,000 credits
  • Plans:
    • AI Beginner: $5.99/month or $14.37 billed quarterly: 310 images
    • AI Hobbyist: $9.99/month or $23.97 billed quarterly: 410 images
    • AI Enthusiast: $19.99/month or $47.97 billed quarterly: 710 images
    • AI Artist: $49.99/month or $119.97 billed quarterly: 1,610 images

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

Runwayml: Best for Multimedia Creations

Endlessly remix the style and composition of any image with Runway…or even meld a series of images into an animated video. Capabilities spanning various multimedia formats make Runway one of the best AI tools for working with diverse digital media.


An AI platform transforming text into stunning images and videos, revolutionizing digital storytelling and content creation.

Ideal Users

Video project creators, graphic designers, and education technology developers.


  • Versatile, multimedia capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of projects, including images, video, & 3D creations.

  • Extensive features provide numerous options to enhance and transform projects.


  • Optimal performance may require high-end hardware, potentially limiting accessibility.

Pricing Options

  • Free 125 credits
  • Standard: $15/month or $144/year; 625 credits/month
  • Pro: $35/month or $336/year; 2250 credits/month
  • Unlimited: $95/month or $912/year
  • Enterprise: contact for pricing

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

Runway Interface

StarryAI: Best for NFT Creation

Craft NFT-worthy AI art from the text. Available for free with daily credits and vast customization capabilities, StarryAI enables you to infinitely craft digital art that resonates with your unique voice and vision.


Transform text into stunning AI-generated art, fully owning your creations.

Ideal Users

NFT creators, digital artists, social media influencers, music producers.


  • Free images each day, providing a low-barrier entry point.

  • Full ownership rights, a critical feature for monetizing creations.

  • Customization, offering the ability to tailor creations over a wide range of styles.


  • Cap on daily creations in the free version might restrict frequent users or those working on larger projects.

Pricing Options

  • 5 free daily credits
  • Starter: $11.99/month or $95.99/year; 200 images/month
  • Unlimited Pro: $37.99/month or $384/year; 3000 fast generations/month
  • Unlimited Pro Max: $79.99/month or $768/year: 8000 fast generations/month

All plans are 20% off when billed annually.

These prices were accurate as of January 2024.

starryai Interface

How To Pick The Best AI Art Generator For You

When venturing into the realm of AI art generators, some key factors to guide in selecting the right tool include:

Project Requirements

Different tools excel in various areas, such as realism or surrealism. Be sure to align your choice of generator with your project's style vision.

Technical Expertise

Consider your proficiency level. Some tools are more user-friendly for beginners, while others offer advanced features for experienced users.

Customization & Flexibility

What level of customization do you need? If your projects require specific features, look for tools that offer more personalization options.

Integration Capabilities

If you want to integrate the tool with other software and platforms you're using, check to see if and how easily or well it can integrate.

Resource Requirements

Because some may need high-end systems for optimal performance, look into the hardware and software requirements of each tool you're considering.

Future Scalability

Consider the tool's ability to adapt to future advancements, needs, and project scales.

Budget & Licensing

Ensure the cost and licensing agreements align with your budget and project scope.

By weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and project needs, ensuring that the tool you choose meets your current requirements and paves the way for future innovation and growth.

What’s next for AI Art Generation

As AI art models continue to evolve, we expect a variety of advancements and evolutions that may approach the quality seen in human-generated art — such as elevated realism capabilities and more detailed, higher-resolution outputs.

Already rapidly permeating numerous industries, the adoption of AI art may expand to unexpected sectors beyond our current scope of imagination and could also bring about wildly new opportunities, such as:

  • Enhanced collaboration and co-creation.
  • Interactive installations tailored to personalized user preferences, input, or emotions.
  • Multimodal generation, such as the simultaneous creation of music and visual art.

However it unfolds, the future remains dynamic — and we're excited for the innovations in generated art to come.