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Text-to-Voice in seconds, 600+ voices in 80+ languages, export in MP3/WAV.

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starts from $4/mo


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Listnr Features

Listnr is an AI Voice Generator that enables users to create realistic AI voiceovers with a wide range of options. Key features and advantages include:

  • Versatile TTS converter: Over 900+ voices in 142+ languages, easily converting text into natural-sounding speech
  • Wide platform compatibility: Share audio to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Embeddable audio player: Expose content to new audiences by embedding audio on websites
  • Easy export: Single-click export of audio files in WAV or MP3 formats
  • Flexible plans: Options for individuals, solos, agencies, and students, starting from free to $99/month

Use cases for Listnr cater to various users:

  • Content creators seeking to convert written content into engaging voiceovers
  • Educators and students looking to enhance learning experiences with lifelike audio
  • Businesses and marketers aiming to reach new audiences through audio platforms

Overall, Listnr is a highly-rated and versatile AI Voice Generator, offering state-of-the-art Text to Speech and podcasting capabilities.

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