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Assisted writing for macOS/iOS.

Added on June 8, 2023


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WriteMage Features

WriteMage is an innovative AI app designed to optimize productivity on macOS and iOS devices by seamlessly integrating chat GPT into users' workflows. By working natively on these platforms, WriteMage becomes a context-aware assistant that enhances user interactions across different applications.

Key Features:

  1. Native Integration: Works natively on macOS and iOS devices, seamlessly integrating into users' workflows.
  2. Context-Aware Assistance: Provides a floating assistant that remembers session data and offers relevant answers based on context.
  3. Local Chat History: Saves chat history locally, allowing users to continue conversations from where they left off.
  4. Overcoming Platform Limitations: Designed to overcome limitations of Apple's platforms, delivering a unique user experience.
  5. Basic Subscription: Includes support for two macOS devices, WriteMage iOS keyboard, and option to provide own API key with no word limit.
  6. Personal Subscription: Doubles macOS device allowance, includes API support, and provides 750,000 words per month.

Use Cases:

  • Users seeking to enhance productivity on macOS and iOS devices across various applications.
  • Individuals looking for an AI-powered context-aware assistant to streamline their workflows.
  • Professionals and creatives who want to improve efficiency and save time on their Apple devices.
  • Users interested in a versatile chat GPT integration that remembers session data and provides relevant answers.
  • Those in need of an app that allows for easy continuation of conversations and saves chat history locally.

Overall, WriteMage is a powerful AI app that integrates chat GPT into macOS and iOS workflows, empowering users to enhance their productivity in various applications.

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