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Boost research, streamline writing, visualize connections—AI-powered, multilingual, collaborative.

AI Categories: research, summarizer, education

Pricing Model:
Freemium, $20/mo
Updated 04/04/2024

What is Unriddle?

Unriddle is an AI-powered tool designed to expedite the research process, making it invaluable for students, academics, and professionals. It offers features such as an AI research assistant, contextual links, AI-enhanced writing, visualization tools, and multilingual support.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Research Assistant: Quickly finds and summarizes information in documents.
  • Contextual Links: Connects relevant past writings based on context.
  • AI-Enhanced Writing: Improves and expands writing through AI autocomplete.
  • Visualization Tools: Graph view helps visualize relationships and uncover themes.
  • Multilingual Support: Works with over 30 languages for wide accessibility.


  • Efficiency in Research: Saves time by reducing the need to skim through documents.
  • Enhanced Writing Quality: AI suggestions refine and elaborate writing.
  • Collaborative Features: Supports real-time collaboration on documents with Unriddle Teams.
  • Browser Extension: Simplifies web reading by summarizing articles with one click.


  • Learning Curve: Users may need time to fully utilize all features.
  • AI Reliance: Users must critically evaluate AI suggestions and summaries for accuracy.
  • Browser Dependency: Full potential unlocked with Chrome extension, limiting users of other browsers.

Who Uses Unriddle?

Unriddle caters to a diverse user base, including researchers, students, content creators, professionals, and hobbyist writers. It's used for literature reviews, coursework, content production, collaborative document management, language comprehension, and creative writing.


Unriddle offers flexible pricing options, including free access and special pricing for team accounts. For the latest pricing details, visit the official Unriddle website.

What Makes Unriddle Unique?

Unriddle stands out with its powerful AI assistant that finds and summarizes content, improves writing, and handles multiple languages. Its integration with web browsers and real-time collaboration tools enhances usability.

Compatibilities and Integrations:

Unriddle is compatible with web browsers, offers real-time collaboration, supports multiple languages, and allows customizable AI models to fit user preferences.

Unriddle Tutorials:

Users can access guides and FAQs on the Unriddle website to maximize their usage of the tool.

How We Rated It:

Unriddle received high ratings across accuracy, functionality, performance, customization, data privacy, support, cost-efficiency, and integration capabilities, resulting in an overall score of 4.2 out of 5.


Unriddle is a powerful AI-based research assistant that expedites the research process and enhances writing quality. Its collaborative features, multilingual support, and browser integration make it a versatile tool for various user needs. Despite a learning curve and browser dependency, Unriddle offers significant productivity gains, establishing itself as a top-tier research assistant tool.

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