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Your reliable AI academic assistant for tasks of any scale. From idea generation and research assistance to text editing and paper summarizing, Textero.ai will make your academic journey less stressful.

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Textero.ai AI Essay Writer Features

Textero.ai, known as an AI writing tool, has launched its updated version. Now, this is a full-fledged AI research assistant, outperforming similar essay writers.
Main features of Textero Pro:

  • Relevant Source Finder

Enter the topic of your paper or type in your question, and let Textero.ai find relevant sources for you. With a database of more than 214 million sources, you can explore the recommended materials and even download a PDF to read the abstract. You can also upload your own sources into the tool.

  • AI Research Assistant

The "Ask AI" feature offers detailed insights into sources and smart recommendations. This information can be easily copied into your draft.

  • Inspiration Assistant & Text Editing with Custom Prompts

Use the idea generation feature to create content based on Textero.ai's vast database of sources. Once the content is generated, integrate it into your paper. You can edit your text with commands such as 'shorten,' 'paraphrase,' or 'expand'. You can also format the text using bold or italics and then download the file to your computer.

Other features of Textero.ai:

  • Text Summarizer

This is an extra feature that isn’t available for all AI essay generators. Textero.ai sums up large research studies and all kinds of academic papers to provide a detailed summary. It helps to save time and focus on writing.

  • Outline Generator

Textero.ai automatically generates an outline for your essay. You can request specific sections like a conclusion, counter-argument, or introductory part.

  • Pricing model of Textero.ai

Free version with limited words and basic essay quality - Paid version with unlimited words and pro quality

Transform your academic writing experience and save time with Textero AI Essay Writer — the perfect solution for students seeking fresh ideas and aiming to improve their writing efficiency.

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