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Helping educators build reflective skills to adapt to change.

Added on November 3, 2023

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Swivl Features

Swivl is a company that provides reflective tools utilized by over 75,000 schools globally. These tools aim to help educators adapt to the rapid rate of change in the education sector brought about by policy revisions, technological advancements, evolving job markets, and ongoing research that identifies new best practices.

Key Features

Swivl's solutions focus on four key areas:

  1. Building motivation and human connection among teachers to help them adapt.
  2. Engaging with improved self-regulation that aids mindful motivation for teachers and students.
  3. Pulse, an interactive board + Swivl Robot mashup that encourages human connection and mindful motivation in group work and classrooms.
  4. The Reflectivity Kit, a fun, social way to reflect and grow together.

Additionally, Swivl offers:

  • User Stories: Real-world examples of how schools and districts are using Swivl solutions.
  • Webinar Series: Thought leaders and innovative thinkers supporting educators adapting to AI.
  • Swivl Blog: A central place for all things Swivl – from product updates to helpful tips.

Use Cases

Swivl's reflective tools are designed to help educators adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the education sector. They are used to foster human connection, improve self-regulation, and encourage mindful motivation among teachers and students.

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