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Added on June 9, 2023


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Lunabot Features

Lunabot is an AI-based writing assistant tool designed to enhance productivity in reading, writing, and studying. Accessible from any browser and available in multiple languages, it offers a range of features to support writers of all skill levels.

Key Features:

  1. Prompt Assistant: Offers suggestions to overcome writer's block and generate new writing ideas.
  2. Text Summarization: Provides the ability to summarize selected text from webpages.
  3. Translation: Translates selected text to another language.
  4. Quiz Generation: Generates quizzes based on selected content.
  5. Customizable Functionality: Allows users to create their own plugins and customize the tool's features.
  6. Chat History Preservation: Enables users to save and retrieve their chat history.

Use Cases:

  • Writers and authors seeking assistance and inspiration in their writing process.
  • Students and researchers looking for tools to enhance their reading comprehension and studying.
  • Language learners who need support in translating and understanding foreign texts.
  • Individuals who want to customize their writing assistant's functionality to suit their specific needs.

Lunabot empowers users to boost their productivity in reading, writing, and studying.

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