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Designed to fuel creativity in logo and illustration design.

Added on August 20, 2023


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IMAGIX Features

IMAGIX is the ultimate companion for creators seeking to infuse their designs with innovation and originality. This AI-powered tool is dedicated to inspiring and enhancing creativity in the realms of logo and illustration design.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Creativity: IMAGIX harnesses the power of AI to elevate users' creative process, encouraging them to explore new frontiers in design and illustration.
  • Collaborative Innovation: The tool fosters collaboration between human creativity and AI innovation, resulting in designs that capture the essence of both elements.
  • Curated Prompts and Trends: IMAGIX offers curated prompts, trends, and resources to help users discover diverse styles and find the perfect fit for their brand or project.

User Benefits:

  • Limitless Exploration: IMAGIX enables users to delve into various design styles and generate captivating ideas, expanding their creative horizons.
  • Inspiration and Resources: By offering curated prompts and a vibrant community, the tool provides inspiration and resources for users to craft exceptional designs.
  • Personalized Touch: Users can draw inspiration from AI-generated designs and infuse them with their personal touch, bringing their ideas to life.

Access and Community:

  • IMAGIX users can purchase credits to generate design ideas, contributing to a community of over 270 forward-thinking creators.
  • By joining the IMAGIX community, users gain access to an app that not only sparks creativity but also nurtures collaboration and innovation.


IMAGIX is not just an AI tool; it's an artistic companion that empowers creators to transcend boundaries in logo and illustration design. By offering AI-powered creativity, curated prompts, and a thriving community, IMAGIX invites users to explore their creative potential, infuse their designs with inspiration, and unlock a realm of endless artistic exploration.

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