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Reduces your documentation time by up to 95% while delivering accurate results.

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Added on November 8, 2023

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Freed Features

Freed's AI Scribe is an innovative tool designed to reduce documentation time for clinicians by up to 95%. It offers a range of features that enable the transcription and creation of medical documentation, with the added advantage of learning your style and format over time.

Key Features

  • After Visit Summary: The tool provides summaries written in your style, ready immediately after the visit for you to hand over to your patient.
  • SOAP Note: Freed generates these notes based on medical guidelines and best practice templates. You just need to review and approve.
  • Self Learning: Freed learns your style, format, and templates with every edit, mimicking a human scribe. This feature is coming soon.

How it Works

Transcribe: Freed transcribes your patient visit, extracting, summarizing, and structuring medically relevant information. It then formats this information, eliminating the need for scribe training.

Review & Copy: You can review, edit, and copy the note into your preferred EHR with a single click.

Use Cases

Freed aims to lessen the burden of documentation and reduce burnout among clinicians. By letting AI handle administrative work, clinicians can focus more on their patients and leave the office when the last patient does.

Other Information

Freed's AI Scribe is HIPAA compliant and uses industry best practices. It does not store patient recordings, ensuring safety and compliance. The tool was built by significant others of clinicians, with the goal of freeing up their partners from charting over the weekends.

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