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Updated 01/25/2024
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Distribute regional content to consumers in their preferred languages

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FolkTalk is an AI-enabled video dubbing platform that is a game-changer for video creators, brands, and organizations looking to expand their reach and communicate with their audience in multiple languages.


  • AI-Powered: FolkTalk uses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to provide superior dubbing results.
  • Superior Results: Guaranteed best results compared to traditional dubbing methods.
  • Cost-Effective: AI technology is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional mechanisms.
  • Super Fast: Receive high-quality dubbed videos in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods.

Why FolkTalk?

  • Unlimited Reach: Reach millions of regional video content consumers in their preferred languages.
  • Full API Integration: Connect to your Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn page.
  • Look Authentic: Lip synchronization capability ensures your videos stay in sync.
  • Transcreate: Localize your content for regional language audiences with minimal effort.
  • Efficient Analytics: Understand your audience through regional language analytics and get content recommendations and localization insights.
  • Transparent Dubbing: Edit any part of the dubbing process through a tailor-made dashboard.
  • Sound Natural: Retain your unique voice and identity, no matter the language.

Use Cases: Ideal for content creators looking to reach a wider audience in multiple languages, businesses wanting to localize their video content, and anyone interested in efficient and cost-effective dubbing solutions.

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