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Modern customer service using Cordless

Added on April 14

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Cordless Features

Cordless is an AI-powered contact center solution that helps customer support teams provide better service over the phone.

Key features include:

  • Automatic call transcription: Transcribes calls in real-time, saving time and improving accuracy
  • Conversation intelligence: Analyzes calls to provide insights into customer behavior and preferences
  • Sentiment analysis: Determines the emotional tone of a call to help agents respond appropriately
  • And much more!

Cordless is an ideal fit for businesses that want to improve customer experience over the phone.

Use cases:

  • Customer support: Provides agents with the tools they need to handle customer inquiries with ease
  • Sales: Helps sales teams close deals more effectively by providing insights into customer needs and preferences
  • Marketing: Provides valuable data on customer behavior and preferences that can be used to improve marketing campaigns

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