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ClipGPT summarizes and organizes your notes and bookmarks using OpenAI's GPT API

Added on May 18, 2023


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ClipGPT Features

ClipGPT leverages the capabilities of GPT-3.5 to offer a robust bookmark and note-saving platform. With a focus on privacy and social interaction, ClipGPT organizes your bookmarks by topic to enhance your browsing experience.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Summaries and Labels: ClipGPT employs AI to generate summaries and labels for your bookmarks and notes, making it easier to locate and retrieve them.
  2. Interactive Interface: The platform supports interaction with bookmarks, notes, and Markdown, ensuring a dynamic user experience.
  3. Community Features: ClipGPT allows you to follow friends, favorite labels, and explore bookmarks from your social circle.
  4. Versatile Bookmarking: From audio transcriptions to image bookmarks with GIF support, ClipGPT offers diverse bookmarking options.
  5. Privacy Controls: You have full control over your profile and bookmarks privacy settings.

Use Cases:

• Save and organize bookmarks quickly and efficiently.

• Discover new bookmarks from your social connections.

• Use AI to generate summaries and labels for easier retrieval of bookmarks.

ClipGPT offers a free sign-up with various pricing plans for additional features, including importing bookmarks from other services and emailing bookmarks directly to your account.

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