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Time Series Forecasting Service by AWS

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Added on October 28, 2023

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Amazon Forecast Features

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed time-series forecasting service that uses the same machine learning technology used at It's designed for business metrics analysis.


  • Forecasting millions of items: This service allows you to scale operations by forecasting millions of items, using the same technology as
  • Optimize inventory: Reduce waste and improve capital utilization with accurate forecasts at a granular level.
  • Long-term decisions: Make long-term decisions with more confidence.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Ensure optimal staffing to meet varying demand levels.

Use Cases

  • Retail and inventory forecasting: Reduce waste, increase inventory turns, and improve in-stock availability by forecasting product demand at specific probability levels.
  • Workforce planning: Forecast workforce staffing at 15-minute increments to optimize for high and low demand periods.
  • Travel demand forecasting: Forecast foot traffic, visitor counts, and channel demand to more efficiently manage operating costs.

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