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Updated 03/03/2024
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Pionex GPT – Create Your Own Strategy with AI

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Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers automatic trading bots for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Key features and advantages include:

  • Supports many coins: Users can trade various cryptocurrencies on the platform
  • Easy bot creation: Even beginners can create bots easily
  • Automatic strategies: Many bots are available for any type of market, bullish or bearish
  • Investment products: Various products are available to help users earn regularly
  • PionexGPT: A new feature that allows users to create trading strategies using natural language
  • Accepts trading signals: Users can accept trading signals from the TradingView Platform

Use cases for Pionex involve cryptocurrency trading and investment:

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with automatic trading bots
  • Create personalized trading strategies using PionexGPT and TradingView PineEditor
  • Test strategies using TradingView BackTesting
  • Automate perfect strategies on the Pionex Trading Platform
  • Earn regularly with various investment products offered by the platform

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from 2 reviews
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Magnus S.

You must sign up and verify identity before using.

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Funto W.

Must sign in with email but you can skip the kyc verification and it allows script generations !

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