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Build SQL queries with AI. Supports NoSQL databases too.

Added on January 10

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AIHelperBot Features

AI Helper Bot is an AI-powered SQL query builder designed to simplify and accelerate query creation without prior SQL knowledge. Key features and advantages include:

  • Compatibility: Works with all major databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and more
  • Streamlined process: Saves users time and effort with pre-canned SQL examples and easy database schema import
  • Beast Mode: Automatically adds relevant parts of the database schema to the AI for quick query building
  • Increased confidence: Provides users with the best solutions and suggestions for creating complex SQL queries

Use cases for AI Helper Bot are ideal for various professionals:

  • Database administrators seeking to build SQL queries quickly and accurately
  • Data analysts looking for a user-friendly tool to improve productivity
  • Developers aiming to work with SQL databases without extensive SQL knowledge

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