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Plagiarism detector for AI generated text.

Added on November 8, 2023


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Zero GPT Features

ZeroGPT is an advanced and reliable AI content detector tool, including Chat GPT, GPT4, and other AI-generated content. It is trusted by millions of users and provides high accuracy results.

Features include:

  • AI/GPT Detector: Provides a simple and credible Open AI and Bard detector tool for free.
  • Word Counter: Counts the number of words in a text.
  • Text Summarizer: Summarizes a long piece of text.
  • Highlighted Sentences: Every sentence written by AI is highlighted, with a gauge showing the percentage of AI inside the text.
  • Batch Files Upload: Allows you to upload multiple files at once, which will get checked automatically in the dashboard.
  • High Accuracy Model: Uses an advanced and premium model, trained on all languages to provide highly accurate results.
  • Generated Report: Automatically generates .pdf reports for every detection, used as a proof of AI-Free plagiarism.
  • Support All Languages: Supports all the languages with the highest accuracy rate of detection.
  • DeepAnalyse™ Technology: A pioneering research in the modeling of AI content detection.

Use Cases:

  • SendBig: Quickly and securely deliver large files—up to 30 GB for free—to anyone.
  • Unreal Person: The most advanced AI image generator for Human, Cat, Horse, and Art.
  • Pomonow: A time management method that boosts your productivity.
  • WaterOutPhone: The easiest way to eject water, remove dust, and fix your speaker by playing verified sound.
  • MusicGenerate: Generate music using AI. Comprehensive, royalty-free AI-generated music.

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