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Powerful trading indicator designed to help traders dominate the market.

Added on September 8, 2023


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TradingLab Features

Welcome to TradingLab, your ultimate trading companion on a mission to help you dominate the market. Our goal is simple: deliver an intuitive indicator that constantly sends you real-time trade opportunities to give you the upper hand in the trading game.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Signal & Trade Mode: TradingLab offers real-time signal alerts, connected to private live data, providing accurate buy and sell signal points. Trade mode identifies the best target or take profit points in any market.
  • Trend Table: Simplified Market Analysis: With the TradingLab indicator, you can instantly gauge market trends, making trading decisions easier.
  • Market Structure: Automatic Support & Resistances: TradingLab automatically displays multi-timeframe support and resistance levels, helping you identify the strongest market structures.
  • Breakouts: Predict Breakouts with Precision: Get real-time breakout probability percentage values. This tool calculates breakout probabilities based on past chart history, allowing you to predict breakouts before they occur.

Why Choose TradingLab:

  • Engineered for Any Trader: Whether you're a new trader or a seasoned pro, TradingLab can guide your trading decisions.
  • Multiple Timeframes: TradingLab works seamlessly with all timeframes, from 1 minute to weekly charts.
  • Multiple Markets: Trade with confidence in any market with sufficient volume, including stocks, forex, crypto, indices, and futures.
  • Custom Candle Coloring: Easily identify market trends with candle coloring that reflects upward trends, downward trends, or consolidation.
  • Strategy Sensitivity: Adjust the indicator's sensitivity to align with your preferred trading style.
  • Customization: Tailor TradingLab to your needs by enabling or disabling specific tools through customizable settings.
  • Other Indicators: TradingLab includes popular indicators like EMA's, VWAP, Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, and more, all integrated into one comprehensive indicator.
  • World-Class Settings: More than just an indicator, TradingLab offers a complete trading experience with fully customizable settings.


TradingLab is your ultimate trading partner, delivering a wide range of tools and features to empower traders of all levels. From real-time signals to trend analysis, automatic support and resistance levels, breakout predictions, and full customization options, TradingLab is engineered to help you dominate the markets. Whether you're trading stocks, forex, crypto, or more, TradingLab is your competitive edge in the trading world.

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