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Seamlessly integrates content and image generation, designed to boost creativity and productivity for individuals and businesses alike.

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Added on September 4, 2023


Paid plans start from $9.99/mo

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Straico Features

Welcome to Straico, your all-in-one AI platform for supercharging creativity and productivity. Whether you're an individual seeking inspiration or a business looking to streamline content and image generation, Straico has you covered. Let's delve into what makes Straico your go-to creative companion.

  • Key Features:
  • Personal AI Assistant: Choose between the powerful GPT3.5 Turbo and the cutting-edge GPT4 AI models to enjoy a personalized chat assistant.
  • Prompts Library: Access a curated library of predefined prompts that serve as your creative catalysts for writing and content generation tasks.
  • Customization: Craft, save, and reuse your own prompts to tailor your Straico experience, putting your creativity at the forefront.
  • Image Generation: Unleash the potential of AI-driven image creation with our intuitive interface, powered by's SDXL model.
  • PDF Document Analysis: Effortlessly upload PDF documents and make precise queries about their content, streamlining your research and information gathering.
  • Voice Command: Seamlessly integrate voice commands into your workflow with Whisper AI, adding a new dimension of accessibility and control.
  • YouTube Queries (Coming Soon): Stay ahead in research and content creation with the upcoming YouTube content query feature, expanding your horizons.
  • Organized Conversations (Coming Soon): Stay organized with an intuitive folder system for managing your conversations and tools, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.

User Feedback:

Discover why users are raving about Straico:

  • Comprehensive AI Capabilities: Users praise Straico for its expansive AI features.
  • Prompt Generator: The built-in prompts and prompt generator are lauded for igniting creativity.
  • Image Generation: Users appreciate the AI-driven image creation feature.
  • Versatility: Straico is celebrated for its adaptability to various creative needs.
  • User-Friendly: The platform's user-friendliness is commended.
  • Exceptional Support: Users value the outstanding support provided by Straico.


Straico is your ultimate AI platform for content and image generation, offering a rich array of features to enhance your creativity and productivity. From personalized AI assistants to a library of prompts and intuitive image generation, Straico empowers your creative journey. Choose the plan that suits you best, and join the community of users who are already transforming their creative processes with Straico.

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