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Building The World’s Best AI Pilot

Added on September 24, 2023


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Shield AI Features

Shield AI is a pioneering technology company on a mission to develop the world's most advanced AI pilot, Hivemind. Their focus is on revolutionizing both battlefield operations and commercial aviation. The core of their mission is to safeguard the lives of service members and civilians through the use of intelligent systems.

Key Features:

  • Hivemind AI Pilot: Hivemind stands as a fully autonomous AI pilot capable of operating drones and aircraft without the need for GPS, communication systems, or human pilots. It possesses the ability to perceive and react to the battlefield context, making decisions without relying on waypoints or prior knowledge. Hivemind has been actively deployed in combat since 2018.
  • Hivemind-Powered Platforms: Hivemind serves as the driving force behind a new generation of aircraft, ensuring aerial superiority across land, air, and sea domains. These platforms include:
    • Jets: Hivemind is utilized in existing F-16 aircraft as well as the cutting-edge Next Generation Air Dominance program.
    • V-BAT: This combat-tested aircraft, deployed since 2018, is a highly tactical VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft capable of executing a wide range of missions. It is the preferred UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) for both US and allied forces.
    • Nova 2: Engineered for future combat scenarios, Nova 2 has already demonstrated its value in close-quarters combat. Hivemind endows Nova 2 with full autonomy, eliminating the need for GPS, communication systems, or human pilots.

Use Cases:

Shield AI's technology has been effectively deployed in various scenarios, showcasing its adaptability and reliability. These deployments encompass activities like indoor building clearance using quadcopters, integrated air defense breach with fixed-wing drones, and even F-16 dogfights. Hivemind is an autonomous learner, capable of independently executing missions.


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