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An Open-source browser extension let you easily summarize any portion of any webpage with ChatGPT

Added on May 7

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Recapext Features

Recap is an open-source browser extension that allows users to easily summarize any portion of any webpage using ChatGPT. Key features and advantages include:

  • Smart split and summarization capability: Utilizes advanced deep learning models to generate concise and informative summaries of web content.
  • Quick identification of key points: Users can quickly identify key points and essential information within web pages.
  • Ideal for researchers, students, and professionals: An excellent tool for those who need to review large amounts of content quickly.
  • Easy to download and use: The Recap extension is available for download from the Google Chrome web store and can be added to your browser in just a few clicks.
  • Highly accurate and reliable: The tool's deep learning algorithms provide users with a concise summary that captures the key points of the selected text.
  • Completely free to use: Users do not need to create a ChatGPT account to leverage its capabilities.

Use Cases:

• Summarize web content quickly for research, learning, or professional use.

• Review large amounts of content efficiently by focusing on key points.

• Save time when browsing the web by extracting essential information from web pages.

Recap is a highly convenient and efficient tool for summarizing web content, allowing users to quickly identify the most important information and save time in their research, learning, or professional activities.

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