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Updated 02/24/2024
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Ensuring Optimal Website Performance with AI-Powered Audits

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Page Canary is an AI-powered bot that performs comprehensive website quality assurance tests, helping website owners uncover critical functionality issues, from SSL certificate problems to accessibility and more. By offering a range of custom web page audits, Page Canary empowers website owners with the tools used by large companies, making them accessible to all.

Key Features:

  1. In-Depth Audits: Page Canary provides over 10 custom web page audits, covering a spectrum of website analysis techniques.
  2. Defect Discovery: With an extensive monitoring network covering 1,000+ websites, Page Canary has detected over 10,000 defects, saving over $100,000 in human hours.
  3. Diverse Audits: In addition to SSL, authority, security, and accessibility checks, the platform evaluates all page links and runs various audits aligned with website goals.
  4. Compatibility: Page Canary works seamlessly with platforms like Shopify, Square, and Squarespace.
  5. Persistent Monitoring: The tool continually monitors websites and swiftly alerts owners to issues, ensuring problems are resolved before users notice.
  6. Reliable Support: Page Canary guarantees 24/7 uptime, offers email support, and even a money-back guarantee.

Why Choose Page Canary:

Page Canary is the go-to solution for website owners keen on maintaining smooth website operations. With its array of audits and vigilant monitoring, Page Canary provides affordable and reliable quality assurance that enhances user satisfaction and retention.

Getting Started:

To safeguard your website's performance and detect issues proactively, sign up for Page Canary's free trial and explore the features that ensure your site is in excellent working order.

Page Canary empowers website owners with the tools needed to maintain top-tier performance. Discover its benefits today!

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