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Harness customer trust: automate testimonial collection, management, and multi-platform sharing.

AI Categories: customer support, marketing, sales, social media

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Freemium, $19 /mo
Updated 03/15/2024

What is Mine My Reviews?

Mine My Reviews is an innovative tool designed to streamline the collection, management, and sharing of customer testimonials. It caters to businesses and professionals seeking to bolster their brand's credibility and attract new customers through the power of social proof. With Mine My Reviews, users can effortlessly create high-converting testimonial collection forms, automate the gathering process of video and text endorsements, and share compelling customer stories across various platforms to enhance their marketing efforts.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Collection Forms: Quickly create and distribute testimonial collection forms to gather feedback without hassle.
  • Import Capabilities: Aggregate existing testimonials from numerous social and review sites into one centralized location.
  • Management Dashboard: A unified platform to organize and manage all customer testimonials, making it easy to find the perfect one to showcase.
  • Diverse Sharing Options: Utilize images, animations, and widgets to share testimonials on emails, social media, sales documents, and more.
  • Embedding Flexibility: Seamlessly add testimonials to various digital assets, such as websites and product pages, to drive sales.


  • Increased Testimonial Volume: Users report collecting twice as many testimonials compared to other methods.
  • Time-Saving Automation: Simplify the testimonial collection process with automation and rewards systems.
  • Team Collaboration: Enable full team access to the testimonial database for cohesive use of social proof.
  • Versatile Display Options: Choose from a range of formats to display testimonials, including "Walls of Love" and custom animations.


  • Learning Curve: New users may need some time to familiarize themselves with all the features and best practices for testimonial collection.
  • Platform Dependencies: The effectiveness of Mine My Reviews can depend on the integration with other marketing tools and platforms.
  • Design Limitations: While flexible, the design options for forms and widgets may not satisfy all branding requirements.

Who is Using Mine My Reviews?

  • SaaS Companies: Leveraging testimonials to showcase user satisfaction and increase software adoption.
  • Freelancers: Building trust with potential clients by displaying positive feedback from previous engagements.
  • E-commerce Businesses: Enhancing product pages with customer testimonials to boost sales.
  • Course Creators: Using testimonials to double signups by proving the value of their educational content.
  • Uncommon Use Cases: Non-profits using testimonials to demonstrate impact; Restaurants collecting and sharing customer reviews to attract more patrons.


  • Free Tier: Start collecting and managing testimonials at no cost with the basic plan.
  • Pro Tier: Access advanced features and increased capacity with the Pro Tier, pricing available upon request.

Disclaimer: For the most accurate and current pricing details, refer to the official Mine My Reviews website.

What Makes Mine My Reviews Unique?

Mine My Reviews stands out with its user-friendly interface and the ability to collect a higher volume of testimonials effortlessly. Its emphasis on automation and rewards to incentivize customer feedback gives it an edge in gathering authentic and impactful testimonials.

Compatibilities and Integrations:

  • Import from Web Platforms: Easily import testimonials from over 20 social and review sites.
  • Integration with Website Builders: Compatible with platforms like WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify, among others.
  • Chrome Extension: Use the Mine My Reviews Chrome extension for added convenience.
  • Team Access: Provide team members with the ability to manage and utilize testimonials for various purposes.

Mine My Reviews Tutorials:

Mine My Reviews offers a help center with comprehensive guides and tutorials to help users get the most out of the platform, from setting up collection forms to sharing testimonials effectively.

How We Rated It:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: 4.5/5
  • Ease of Use: 4.7/5
  • Functionality and Features: 4.6/5
  • Performance and Speed: 4.4/5
  • Customization and Flexibility: 4.2/5
  • Data Privacy and Security: 4.8/5
  • Support and Resources: 4.5/5
  • Cost-Efficiency: 4.6/5
  • Integration Capabilities: 4.3/5
  • Overall Score: 4.5/5


Mine My Reviews excels in providing an easy and effective way to leverage customer testimonials, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to build trust and drive growth. Its standout feature of doubling testimonial volume offers a significant advantage in today's competitive market.

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