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Goodlookup uses AI to make spreadsheets easier for everyone.

Added on November 18

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Goodlookup is a smart function designed for spreadsheet users, enhancing topic clustering work in Google Sheets. Key features and advantages include:

  • GPT-3 and Fuzzy Matching: Combines the intuition of GPT-3 and the join capabilities of Fuzzy Matching for improved matching
  • Semantic understanding: Matches semantic relationships, synonyms, and cultural similarities between text strings
  • Ease of use: Functions similarly to popular spreadsheet functions like VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH
  • Subscription-based: Affordable yearly subscription at $15 per year

Use cases for Goodlookup cater to various spreadsheet users:

  • Data analysts seeking to improve text-to-text record linking and data matching
  • Business professionals dealing with data from multiple sources and non-uniform naming conventions
  • Researchers aiming to enhance topic clustering and data organization in spreadsheets

Overall, Goodlookup complements traditional fuzzy matching by adding a new layer of semantic understanding to text data matching, making it a valuable tool for modern spreadsheet users.

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