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Updated 02/24/2024
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Fini is a powerful AI chatbot tool that enables companies to engage and retain more users through 24/7 interactive chat support, powered by their own knowledge base.

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Fini is an innovative AI chatbot tool designed to help companies enhance user engagement and retention by providing seamless and interactive chat support. With Fini, companies can deliver personalized and timely customer assistance, powered by their own knowledge base.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Deployment: No code or integration required, companies can deploy Fini's AI chatbot by providing a link to their knowledge base.
  2. Customization: Companies can configure the tone and character of their AI agent to align with their brand voice.
  3. Seamless Human Routing: Supports smooth handover to human agents when the AI agent requires human intervention.
  4. Multi-Channel Support: Pre-built integrations with platforms like Intercom, Slack, and Discord enable deployment across various channels.
  5. Growth Insights: Leverages AI to identify reasons for churn and deliver personalized experiences to retain customers.

Use Cases:

  • Companies seeking to enhance user engagement and retention through interactive chat support.
  • Customer support teams looking for a streamlined and efficient chatbot solution.
  • Growth teams aiming to identify churn reasons and deliver personalized experiences to retain customers.
  • Data-driven tech companies striving to improve user retention, revenue per user, and activation rates.

Fini empowers companies to deliver exceptional customer support and engagement through its AI chatbot tool. With its easy deployment, customization options, seamless human routing, multi-channel support, and growth insights, Fini is a comprehensive solution for companies looking to enhance user experiences, boost retention, and drive business growth.

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from 1 reviews
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Thibault B.

Fini is a game-changer in the world of customer support. With its user-friendly deployment and customization, it effortlessly brings an interactive and personalized touch to customer interactions. The seamless human routing and growth insights are like a compass guiding businesses toward enhancing engagement and retention. Through Fini, I've witnessed how companies can elevate their customer experiences, streamline support, and unlock new dimensions of growth.

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