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Updated 02/28/2024
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Provides AI-generated answers based on the context, simplifying information discovery and enhancing the browsing experience.

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FindWise is your go-to personal web assistant, available as a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. It transforms your browsing experience by making it effortless to ask questions about anything on any website or document.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  1. AI-Generated Answers: FindWise analyzes the current page's content and delivers AI-generated answers for contextually relevant information.
  2. Efficient Information Discovery: Say goodbye to manual searches and guesswork; FindWise streamlines information discovery.
  3. Contextual Relevance: Questions are asked in the context of the current website, ensuring accurate and personalized responses.
  4. Time and Effort Saving: The tool's machine learning capabilities save users time and effort when seeking information.
  5. User-Friendly Experience: Using FindWise feels like having a chat with a knowledgeable friend.
  6. Personalized Website Search: Users can ask website-specific questions and receive tailored answers.
  7. Free Browser Extension: FindWise is available as a free browser extension, with no credit card information required.

User Benefits:

  • Efficiency: FindWise simplifies information discovery, reducing the need for manual searches.
  • Accuracy: AI-generated answers are contextually relevant and tailored to the current website.
  • Time Savings: Users save time and effort when seeking information online.
  • User-Friendly: FindWise offers a seamless and conversational browsing experience.


FindWise is a personal web assistant browser extension that revolutionizes the way users discover information online. By providing AI-generated answers based on the context of the current website, it eliminates the need for manual searching and guesswork. With a user-friendly and conversational interface, FindWise enhances the browsing experience, making it easier and more efficient to find the information you need. Plus, it's available as a free browser extension, ensuring accessibility to all users.

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