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Updated 03/03/2024
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Tailored action plans and AI tools to optimize your product pages and boost sales effortlessly. Made by Semrush.

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Freemium, $29.99/mo
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Is your Shopify store ready to skyrocket its sales and return on investment (ROI)? With Ecommerce Booster, achieving impressive results has never been easier.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Tailored Action Plan: Ecommerce Booster delivers a personalized action plan, based on an expert-level audit of your store. No more manual checklists; it's time for a ready-to-implement to-do list.
  • AI-Powered Optimization: Improve your product content and visuals within minutes using AI tools, all conveniently available in one app.
  • Saves Time: Say goodbye to time-consuming audits, research, and analysis. Ecommerce Booster provides a comprehensive action plan so you can focus on taking action and driving growth.
  • Visuals Optimization: Enhance your product images effortlessly to thrive in today's visually-driven market.
  • Page Speed and Accessibility: Ensure lightning-fast loading times and outstanding site performance to keep visitors engaged.
  • User Experience: Improve page layout and incorporate essential elements to boost your conversion rate.
  • Text Improvement: Utilize the product description generator to enhance your page content quickly.

How It Works:

Once the audit is complete, Ecommerce Booster provides you with a unique performance action plan, designed to turn your Shopify store visitors into loyal buyers.

Increase Sales with a Clear Plan:

Ecommerce Booster streamlines your optimization efforts into one app, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tasks across different teams. You'll get:

  • Step-by-step instructions in plain language, no tech jargon.
  • Built-in AI tools, like ⚡️AI Boost, to complete critical text and visual tasks in minutes.
  • A clear overview of your performance, with highlighted priority tasks.

Efficiency Meets ROI:

Ecommerce Booster keeps your hard work safe with automated biweekly updates and easy-to-understand reports. It helps you:

  • Focus on vital parts of your store, prioritize tasks, and manage them effortlessly.
  • Stay informed about critical weekly tasks and immediate improvements.
  • Save time for what truly matters—growing your business.

Drive Conversions with Ease:

Achieve remarkable results without the hassle or high costs. Ecommerce Booster is powered by award-winning tools trusted by leading brands worldwide.


Ecommerce Booster is the ultimate Shopify app to boost your online store's sales. It provides a customized action plan, AI-powered tools, and a straightforward process to optimize your product pages. Maximize efficiency, save time, and increase your ROI effortlessly with Ecommerce Booster.

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