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Your ultimate AI-powered calendar assistant for effortless organization, synced across all messenger apps, and free of charge during beta.

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Updated 03/22/2024

What is Dola AI?

Dola AI stands out as an exceptional AI agent calendar assistant, powered by the cutting-edge technology of GPT-4. Unlike any other tools available, Dola AI redefines organizational efficiency by effortlessly keeping users organized with minimal effort.

Key Features:

1. 🤹Multi-Modal Calendar Management:

  • Dola AI simplifies the process of adding, editing, searching, or canceling calendar events across various modalities. Simply send or forward chats, including texts, images, or voice messages, to Dola via your messenger app, and watch as it seamlessly transforms the information into actionable plans and calendar alerts.

2. ⏰AI Alerts and Reminders:

  • Stay on top of your schedule with Dola's AI-powered alerts and reminders, delivered directly to your messenger app akin to having your own personal secretary. For robust notifications, seamlessly sync Dola with other calendar apps like Google or iOS calendar.

3. ⚡️Simplified Task Management:

  • Dola excels at simplifying even the most complex calendar tasks through straightforward chat interactions. Explore a myriad of use cases on Dola's website to witness how Dola transforms intricate tasks into effortless actions.

4. 📲Download-Free Accessibility:

  • Add Dola to your preferred messenger app, including iMessages, Whatsapp, Telegram, or Line, without the need for additional downloads. Effortlessly convert chats into schedules within moments.

5. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Group Chat Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrate Dola into your group chats, empowering collaborative scheduling and coordination. Whether on Telegram or Line, harness Dola's capabilities to add, edit, cancel, or search for related events effortlessly.

6. 🔄Cross-Device Syncing:

  • Keep your alerts synchronized across all your devices by connecting Dola with Google or iOS calendar. Experience seamless access to your schedules wherever you go.

7. 🆓Free Beta Version:

  • Enjoy the full benefits of Dola's beta version, completely free of charge and devoid of any hidden tricks.

Who Benefits from Dola AI?

  • Top-tier Executives & Senior Managers: Streamline hectic work and personal schedules effortlessly.
  • Executive Assistants: Enhance job efficiency and manage intensive work details with ease.
  • Individuals: Boost productivity by effortlessly staying organized.
  • Work Groups: Keep everyone informed and aligned with Dola's collaborative features.
  • Family Chat Groups: Ensure everyone stays updated and reminded about family plans and to-dos.
  • Friends Chat Groups: Plan events and keep everyone entertained with Dola's assistance.

What Makes Dola AI Unique?

Crafted by a team of seasoned engineers, Dola AI has undergone over 100 version updates in the past 45 days, fine-tuning its workflows and engineering to perfection. With a vision to revolutionize AI agent engineering applications, Dola AI promises a seamless user experience, delivering reliability and proactive assistance for day-to-day tasks.

Where Can I Use Dola AI?

Dola AI seamlessly integrates with iMessages, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Line.

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