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AI-Powered Cloud based Platform that ​​ Simplifies Brand Control

Added on April 18

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Brndaddo Features

Brndaddo is a brand asset management tool that leverages the power of AI to ensure standout brand consistency. Its features and advantages include:

  • Efficient creative process: The tool speeds up the creative process with added efficiency in just 4 steps: discover, create, collaborate, and control.
  • AI-Smart Search: Brndaddo's AI-powered search helps you find the right asset quickly, even at a moment's notice.
  • Digitized brand guidelines: With Brndaddo's template builder, you can set your brand guidelines and enforce consistency throughout the organization.
  • One-click approvals: Brndaddo's collaborative workspace allows for real-time approvals without the need for trail mails or chasing managers.
  • User access control: Brndaddo enables you to control who gets access to what kind of privilege while handling different assets, creatives, or files.

Use cases for Brndaddo include:

  • Enforcing brand guidelines and ensuring standout brand consistency
  • Speeding up the creative process with added efficiency
  • Digitizing brand guidelines for consistent enforcement
  • Streamlining the approvals process with real-time collaboration
  • Controlling user access to different assets, creatives, or files

With Brndaddo, you can make the most out of your brand assets while ensuring brand control.

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