H2O.ai is at the forefront of technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence, securing a #34 rank on the AI innovations leaderboard among the top 100 tech companies. H2O.ai has released 15 AI-driven solutions in the last 6 months alone. Among those innovations, Data Science, Text and Coding represent 80% of their AI-related product releases. Below is a breakdown of H2O.ai's most recent AI Innovations by category and full list of their AI-related developments updated daily.

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Updated May 21, 2024
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H2O.ai's AI Innovations

Nov 01, 2023 - May 21, 2024
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H2O.ai's AI Innovations by Type

Nov 01, 2023 - May 21, 2024
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0 AI Innovations

DateInnovation NameTypeCategoryDescription
02/15/2024RAG Technology IntegrationFeature

Data Science

Uses RAG tech for dynamic information engagement.

02/15/2024Real Data IntegrationFeature

Data Science

Incorporates real data into app prototypes.

02/15/2024Prompt to AppFeature


Generates app layouts from text prompts.

02/15/2024Sketch to AppFeature


Converts sketches into application code instantly.

02/15/2024GenAI AppStudioProduct


No-code platform for easy AI app development.

01/21/2024Data Preparation EnhancementsFeature

Data Science

Improved data preparation with new capabilities.

01/21/2024H2OGPTe and Gradio Client IntegrationFeature

Data Science

Integrates H2OGPTe and Gradio for dataset curation.

01/21/2024Multi-language SupportFeature


Adds multiple language support for dataset curation.

01/21/2024Curate Summarization PairsFeature


Generates context summarization pairs for documents.

01/16/2024Augment FeatureFeature

Data Science

Enhances data richness by integrating external datasets.

01/16/2024Prepare FeatureFeature

Data Science

Prepares datasets with text preprocessing for LLMs.

01/16/2024H2O LLM DataStudio V4.1Product

Data Science

No-code application for simplifying data preparation tasks.

11/12/2023H2O GenAI App StoreProduct


Public platform for open-source Generative AI apps.

11/07/2023AI for Life AppsProduct


Generative AI apps for daily tasks and hobbies.

11/07/2023Retrieval Augmented Generation AppsProduct


Apps combining language generation with information retrieval.