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Transform Empty Spaces into Stunning Scenes with Virtual Staging AI - Your Ultimate Real Estate Staging Solution!

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Added on August 14, 2023


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Virtual Staging AI Features

Welcome to the future of real estate staging! Experience the magic of Virtual Staging AI as it turns empty rooms into captivating scenes. With diverse styles, watermark-free high-resolution images, and the power to regenerate for perfection, your real estate images will shine like never before.

Key Steps:

  • Image Upload: Begin by uploading a high-quality image of an empty room. Supported file types include JPG, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Furniture Styles: Select your preferred furniture style from a range of options. Discover styles that resonate with your vision.
  • Click "Submit": With a simple click, stage your room. The magic begins, and in just 30 seconds, you'll witness your room transform!
  • Regenerate for Perfection: Perfection is within reach. Regenerate your staged images as many times as you need until you achieve the flawless result you desire.


  • Effortless Staging: Virtual Staging AI allows you to virtually stage images within just 30 seconds. Elevate your real estate visuals with minimal effort.
  • Diverse Style Palette: Choose from an extensive selection of styles, including Modern, Midcentury Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, Coastal, Log Cabin, Tropical, Industrial, Alpine, Transitional, Industrial, and California Casual.
  • Watermark-Free: Enjoy your staged images without intrusive watermarks, ensuring your visuals are clean and professional.
  • High Resolution: Your staged images maintain high-resolution quality, ensuring every detail shines.

How It Works:

  • Image Requirements: Upload a high-quality image with ample space for logically placing furniture. While the image can be empty or non-empty, empty images generally yield better results. Supported file types are JPG, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Style Selection: Choose your desired furniture style. While a few styles are available for free accounts, you can explore further possibilities with premium options.
  • Staging Completion: Click "Submit" and anticipate the transformation. After 30 seconds, your staged images will be ready for your eyes.
  • Achieve Perfection: If perfection is your goal, regenerate your images as many times as needed. Download and share them online, showcasing your beautifully staged spaces.

Elevate your visuals with Virtual Staging AI – begin transforming your spaces today!

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Lakshman Mody

27 Aug

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