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Developing Open AI Apps with No-Code with Trudo

Added on April 17, 2023


starts from $49/mo.

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Trudo Features

Fine-tune OpenAI GPT3 models with spreadsheets. Enhance your apps with memory & ChatGPT with Trudo.AI


  • Intuitive UI: Build complex AI applications on top of OpenAI with an easy-to-use interface
  • Fine-Tune with CSV: Generate accurate results by fine-tuning your model using relevant data in your CSV file. See the cost of fine-tuning before proceeding
  • JSON Format: Automatically convert multiple columns for prompt or completion into JSON format for structured data from OpenAI
  • Long-term Memory: Powered by Embeddings & ChatGPT, store and retrieve data with text, CSV, or through API

Use Cases:

  • Use Trudo.AI to fine-tune OpenAI GPT-3 models using data in your CSV files, allowing for more accurate results
  • With Trudo.AI's intuitive UI, build complex AI applications with ease on top of OpenAI
  • Automatically convert multiple columns of data into JSON format for structured data from OpenAI
  • Use Trudo.AI's long-term memory feature, powered by embeddings and ChatGPT, to store and retrieve data with text, CSV, or through API

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