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Generate questions and quizzes from any text and export them to Moodle (LMS), Kahoot and co.

Added on May 8, 2023


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QuestionAid Features

Question Aid is a powerful tool that generates questions and quizzes from any given text, providing a seamless way to create educational content.

Key Features:

  • Generate questions from text: Easily create questions based on any input text, streamlining the quiz creation process.
  • Create distractors: Develop engaging quizzes by generating relevant distractors that challenge learners' understanding.
  • Export to LMS and quiz platforms: Seamlessly export your questions and quizzes to Moodle, Kahoot, and other popular platforms.

Use Cases:

• Teachers and educators can quickly create quizzes to test students' comprehension of assigned readings or lectures.

• Content creators can generate question banks for use in e-learning courses or educational apps.

• Trainers can develop quizzes to reinforce key concepts during corporate training sessions.

With Question Aid, you can effortlessly produce engaging, informative quizzes from any text, making it an invaluable tool for educators, trainers, and content creators alike.

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