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Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place

Added on May 11, 2023


Paid plans start from $19/mo

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Promptitude empowers SaaS and mobile app developers to create, test, manage, and improve GPT prompts seamlessly with one simple API call, regardless of the provider.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one prompt management: Develop, test, manage, and improve all your prompts in one place.
  • Integration with simple API: Promptitude does all the heavy lifting, from parsing results to error handling, logging, and gathering user feedback.
  • User feedback for prompt improvement: Gather feedback from end-users, filter logs for good and bad generations, and improve prompts promptly.
  • Prompt Library: Discover prompts for common use cases and start using them with just one click.

Use Cases:

• Enhance your SaaS and mobile app with the power of GPT.

• Improve user experience and engagement with advanced prompts.

• Create, test, and manage GPT prompts with ease.

• Gather user feedback to improve prompts promptly.

• Discover and utilize prompts for common use cases.

With Promptitude, developers can manage and improve GPT prompts effortlessly with one integrated API, regardless of provider. Reviews

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