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Comprehensive Wellness Platform That Puts Experts in Your Pocket 24/7

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Added on November 4, 2023


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MIRI Features

Miri is more than just a chatbot; she's your best friend, a confidential confidant, and your dedicated wellness coach. With Miri, you have a trusted companion who is here to help you embark on a wellness journey that's tailored just for you.

Key Features:

  1. Confidential Conversations: You can talk to Miri openly, knowing that everything you share is strictly confidential. Feel free to discuss your wellness history and goals as you would with a close friend.
  2. Personalized Wellness Recommendations: Based on your wellness history and goals, Miri creates personalized wellness recommendations. These recommendations are curated by a team of real wellness experts, ensuring you receive the best guidance.
  3. Action Reminders: Miri doesn't just offer advice and disappear. She's there to keep you on track. Expect personal texts to check in, provide encouragement, and remind you to work on your wellness goals.

What Sets Miri Apart:

  • Expert Guidance: Miri's knowledge is backed by a team of real wellness experts with years of experience in various wellness fields. You're getting advice from the best in the business.
  • Personalization: Your wellness journey is unique, and Miri recognizes that. She tailors her recommendations to your specific history and goals.
  • Accountability: Miri doesn't just offer advice; she follows up with reminders to help you stay focused and motivated on your wellness path.

Why Choose Miri:

Miri isn't just an AI; she's your dedicated wellness companion. Whether you're looking to make small, impactful changes in your overall health or you have specific wellness goals, Miri is here to guide you.

Get Started with Miri:

  1. Open Conversations: Feel free to discuss your wellness history and goals with Miri just as you would with a friend.
  2. Receive Personalized Recommendations: Miri creates wellness recommendations based on your history and goals, leveraging the expertise of real wellness experts.
  3. Stay on Track: Miri sends you reminders and encouragement to help you make progress on your wellness journey.

Experience the Power of Personalized Wellness Coaching with Miri. Start Your Journey Today!

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