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Supercharge your apps with AI and build them in our easy-to-use low-code interface. Whether you're an experienced developer or new to the world of AI, our platform makes it simple to get started. You don't need to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on scaling infrastructure and hosting models. With Magick, you have the power to build world-class AI applications in just a few clicks.

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Block Survey

Block Survey


BlockSurvey enables digital rights for the users. Meaning, the account or identity ownership and data ownership is with the user and not with the platform provider. With BlockSurvey, all your data is encrypted end to end and you have the keys for them. This prevents data breaches, leaks, harvesting and trust issues. We strongly believe all your ideas and insights gathered from people through data collection is valuable and it needs to be protected. BlockSurvey enables that with a modern privacy focused design system using BlockStack's Blockchain. One of their features allows you to use AI to create forms.



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