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Generate creative concepts and ideas for your NGO or brand from AI models trained on TRIAD's most awarded campaigns in just minutes.

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Updated 04/13/2024

What is Creative Fast AID?

Creative Fast AID is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of generative AI to generate campaign ideas for NGOs and brands. It's designed to streamline the creative process and deliver a plethora of ideas within minutes, all neatly packaged in a PDF presentation straight to your inbox. This tool stands out as it combines AI efficiency with the creative expertise of TRIAD agency's award-winning campaigns. As someone who's always on the lookout for cutting-edge AI solutions, I was eager to dive in and see how Creative Fast AID could transform the brainstorming process.

Key Features:

  • Generative AI for Campaign Ideas: Employs an AI model trained on TRIAD agency's successful campaigns and common creative mechanics.
  • Rapid Idea Generation: Delivers 15 campaign ideas rapidly, a significant time-saver for marketers and creatives.
  • Tailored for Brands and NGOs: Offers customization options for generating campaigns relevant to either brands or NGOs.
  • Presentation-Ready Output: Ideas are presented in a professional PDF format, ready to be pitched or further developed.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and straightforward website interface for effortless interaction.


My experience with Creative Fast AID led me to appreciate several advantages:

  • Efficiency: Cuts down the time needed to come up with campaign ideas from hours to minutes.
  • Quality of Ideas: Leverages TRIAD's creative prowess, ensuring a high standard for the generated concepts.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive design requires no prior technical expertise to generate campaigns.
  • Cost-Effective: Saves resources by reducing the need for extensive brainstorming sessions.


While Creative Fast AID is innovative, there are areas that could be improved:

  • Creative Limitations: While AI can generate ideas, they may still require human refinement for nuanced campaigns.
  • Email Dependent: Relies on email delivery, which could be delayed or land in spam folders.
  • Internet Connectivity: As a web-based tool, it requires a stable internet connection to function.

Who is Using Creative Fast AID?

Creative Fast AID has attracted a diverse user base, including:

  • Marketing Departments: Utilizing the tool to swiftly generate a variety of campaign ideas.
  • Advertising Agencies: Employing the tool to bolster their creative brainstorming sessions.
  • Small Business Owners: Leveraging the tool to create campaigns without the need for a dedicated marketing team.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Using the tool to develop campaigns that resonate with their cause.
  • Uncommon Use Cases: It's also being explored by event planners for promotional concepts and by educators for teaching marketing strategies.


  • Free Use: Creative Fast AID offers a taste of its capabilities with initial free use.
  • Contact for Commercial Use: For extended or commercial use, users are encouraged to contact TRIAD directly.

Disclaimer: For the most current and comprehensive pricing details, please visit the official Creative Fast AID website.

What Makes Creative Fast AID Unique?

Creative Fast AID distinguishes itself with its highly specialized AI, trained on TRIAD's decorated campaigns. This unique foundation allows the tool to generate not just any ideas, but ones that have a pedigree of success behind them. The quick turnaround time and presentation-ready output further set it apart, making it a valuable asset for any time-sensitive marketing strategy.

Compatibilities and Integrations:

  • Email Compatibility: Integrates with email services to deliver the final presentation directly to the user.
  • Web-Based Access: Accessible from any web browser, ensuring compatibility across various devices.
  • PDF Format Output: The presentation is delivered in a universal PDF format, easily shareable and viewable on most devices.
  • Manual Integration: Ideas generated can be manually integrated into various marketing and design platforms.

Creative Fast AID Tutorials:

The tool's straightforward nature doesn't necessitate extensive tutorials. However, the website provides clear instructions for generating campaigns, ensuring that even first-time users can navigate the process with ease.

How We Rated It:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: 4.3/5
  • Ease of Use: 4.7/5
  • Functionality and Features: 4.2/5
  • Performance and Speed: 4.5/5
  • Customization and Flexibility: 3.8/5
  • Data Privacy and Security: 4.0/5
  • Support and Resources: 4.1/5
  • Cost-Efficiency: 4.6/5
  • Integration Capabilities: 3.9/5
  • Overall Score: 4.2/5


Creative Fast AID excels in swiftly providing diverse and creative campaign ideas, making it a noteworthy tool for marketers, advertisers, and non-profits. Its unique angle of incorporating TRIAD's award-winning campaign insights delivers a competitive edge that can enhance the quality of marketing strategies. While it may require human input to fine-tune the AI-generated ideas, the time and resource savings are undeniable, making Creative Fast AID a valuable addition to the creative toolkit.

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