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Updated 02/24/2024
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WhatsApp chatbot handled daily tasks/answered questions.

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Freemium, $5/mo
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Ariana is a personal chatbot and AI assistant available on WhatsApp, powered by ChatGPT. It helps users manage various tasks, such as writing emails, generating product descriptions, providing summaries, offering technical support, and answering work-related queries in real-time.

Key Features:

  1. Personal Chatbot on WhatsApp: Accessible 24/7 through WhatsApp, providing a familiar messaging interface.
  2. Task Management: Assists with tasks such as writing emails, generating product descriptions, and summarizing texts or articles.
  3. Real-time Technical Support: Provides immediate support for homework or work-related queries.
  4. User-Friendly Interaction: Interacts with users in a conversational manner, similar to communicating with a friend or co-worker.
  5. Global Accessibility: Available to users worldwide, facilitating seamless communication and task management.
  6. Flexible Pricing Plans: Offers a free trial and subscription options with messaging limits and discounts for long-term commitments.
  7. Privacy and Data Security: Ensures user privacy with limited access to conversations, maintaining data confidentiality.

Use Cases:

  • Simplify daily tasks for students, parents, freelancers, builders, and creatives.
  • Efficiently handle email writing, product description generation, and text summarization.
  • Receive real-time technical support for homework or work-related inquiries.
  • Increase productivity by utilizing a personal AI assistant for task management.

Ariana serves as a reliable AI-powered chatbot and virtual assistant on WhatsApp, enhancing users' ability to manage various tasks effectively.

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