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Updated 01/19/2024
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WiseTalk app makes all human wisdom, remembered and processed by AI, accessible for anyone.

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WiseTalk is a voice-activated AI sidekick powered by ChatGPT, available for iOS and Android. It serves as the ultimate voice-activated intelligent assistant, combining the capabilities of ChatGPT, speech recognition, and speech synthesis engines embedded in modern phones.

Key Features:

  1. Voice Translator Role: WiseTalk offers a Voice Translator Role, allowing real-time translation between languages. This feature enables users to communicate with people around the world in their native language, breaking down language barriers.
  2. AI-Powered Assistance: Powered by ChatGPT, WiseTalk provides users with close to real-time assistance, advice, and information on a wide range of topics. The AI engine can generate responses and engage in meaningful conversations, often providing help faster than a live human.
  3. Convenient Speech Recognition and Synthesis: WiseTalk utilizes the speech recognition and speech synthesis engines developed by Apple and Google, making it seamless and natural to interact with the assistant through voice commands.
  4. Access to Human Wisdom: By leveraging AI technology, WiseTalk grants users access to a wealth of human wisdom, which has been remembered and processed by the AI engine. This allows anyone to tap into a vast repository of knowledge and information.
  5. Wide Range of Topics: WiseTalk can assist with various topics, providing information, guidance, and support as needed. Whether it's answering general knowledge questions, offering advice, or providing insights, WiseTalk aims to be a versatile and knowledgeable companion.

Use Cases:

  • Language Translation: WiseTalk's Voice Translator Role enables users to communicate effectively with people who speak different languages. It facilitates real-time translation and enhances cross-cultural communication.
  • Information and Advice: WiseTalk can serve as a reliable source of information, answering questions and providing guidance on various topics. Users can seek advice, learn new things, or gain insights by engaging in conversations with the AI assistant.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: With WiseTalk, users have an intelligent assistant readily available on their smartphones. They can engage in voice-activated conversations at their convenience, making it easy to obtain assistance or access information on the go.

In summary, WiseTalk is a voice-activated AI sidekick powered by ChatGPT, designed to provide users with close to real-time assistance and information

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