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Optimised implementation of the Whisper model

Added on April 21, 2023

Open Source
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Whisper JAX Features

Whisper JAX is an optimised implementation of the Whisper model by OpenAI. It runs on JAX with a TPU v4-8 in the backend. Compared to PyTorch on an A100 GPU, it is over 70x faster, making it the fastest Whisper API available.

Key features and advantages include:

  • Fast performance: Over 70x faster than PyTorch on an A100 GPU
  • Optimized implementation: Built on JAX with a TPU v4-8 for maximum efficiency
  • Accurate transcription: Provides accurate transcription of audio files
  • Progress bar: Displays progress of transcription through a progress bar
  • Create your own inference endpoint: To skip the queue, users can create their own inference endpoint using the Whisper JAX repository.

Use cases for Whisper JAX include:

  • Transcribing audio files quickly and accurately
  • Improving the efficiency of transcription services
  • Streamlining the transcription process for businesses and individuals.

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