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Whisper API is an AI-powered transcription tool that allows users to send audio files via an API and receive back accurate transcriptions using OpenAI's Whisper model.

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Pricing Model:
Paid, $0.15/hr
Updated 05/07/2024

Whisper API is a powerful AI-powered transcription tool that leverages OpenAI's Whisper model to provide accurate and reliable transcriptions for audio files. With its easy-to-use API, users can seamlessly integrate Whisper's transcription capabilities into their applications, services, or workflows.

Key Features:

  1. AI-powered Transcription: Leverage the advanced capabilities of OpenAI's Whisper model to obtain accurate and reliable transcriptions.
  2. Wide Audio Format Support: Support for various audio types, including WAV and MP3, ensuring compatibility with most audio sources.
  3. Diarization Option: Enable diarization for speaker segmentation in transcriptions, providing enhanced accuracy in multi-speaker scenarios.
  4. Affordable Pricing: Cost-effective usage pricing of $0.15 per hour of audio, making Whisper API one of the most affordable transcription APIs.
  5. Easy Sign-up and API Key Management: Simple sign-up process with email or Gmail accounts, allowing users to generate secure API keys associated with their account.
  6. Seamless Payment Management: Payments managed through Stripe, providing billing history, payment management, and a secure payment processing platform.

Use Cases:

  • Transcription services and platforms that require accurate and efficient transcription capabilities.
  • Voice assistants and chatbots that need to convert audio input into text for understanding and responding to user queries.
  • Content creators and media professionals looking to generate transcriptions of audio interviews, podcasts, or video content.
  • Research and data analysis projects that involve processing and analyzing audio data.

Whisper API empowers users to effortlessly integrate AI-powered transcription capabilities into their applications, services, or workflows.

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Whisper API Reviews

from 1 reviews
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Rated 5 out of 5


Thibault B.

Whisper API by OpenAI is a game-changer in transcription. Its seamless integration into our application was remarkably easy, and the accuracy it offers is truly impressive. The diarization option for speaker separation enhances accuracy in multi-speaker scenarios. Plus, with its cost-effective pricing, it's a smart choice for businesses and developers looking for accurate and reliable transcription solutions. The simplicity of sign-up and API key management, along with secure payment handling through Stripe, makes it a hassle-free experience. Whisper API has significantly improved our transcription services and streamlined our workflows, making it an invaluable tool in our toolkit.