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Data Platform for the Cloud and AI Era

Added on October 28, 2023

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WEKA Features

WEKA is a data management platform designed to accelerate large-scale data pipelines, offering reduced epoch times, the fastest inferencing, and the highest images/secs benchmarks.

Key Features

  • Offers a revolutionary architecture to manage all data.
  • Provides high-performance computing, eliminating complexities of parallel file systems for any HPC data profile on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Improves High-Performance Data Analytics outcomes with faster time-to-results.
  • Speeds up cloud-native application development and optimizes operations with persistent storage.
  • Eliminates data staging and storage silos for AI & Machine Learning.
  • Supports hybrid cloud applications without sacrificing speed, scale, simplicity, or sustainability.
  • Helps manage unstructured data in Life Sciences, enabling researchers and reducing time to discoveries.
  • Supports Media & Entertainment industry by accelerating every workflow in their content pipeline.
  • Delivers real-time analytical insights for Financial Services.
  • Replaces legacy parallel file systems in Federal Government to simplify data management, lower costs, and provide better performance.

Performance Metrics

  • 10M IOPS in the Cloud
  • Avoids 260 tons of CO2e per PB
  • Scales to 10EB (exabytes)
  • 10-100x better performance

Use Cases

  • Parliament VFX: Shattering M&E industry boundaries with its cloud-first creative studio.
  • Genomics England: Fueling the UK’s race to sequence 5 million genomes.
  • OMRF: Pushing the limits of bioinformatics research.
  • Cerence: Building a high throughput bridge to the cloud for AI research.
  • Swiss Institute Of Bioinformatics: Delivering fast, secure, biomedical research outcomes.
  • WeRide: Tapping hybrid cloud to power driverless AI-powered robotaxis.

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