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Added on June 25, 2023

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Wanda Features

Wanda is an AI-powered tool specially crafted to assist technical teams in streamlining their documentation writing process. As an intuitive, comprehensive solution, it aids teams of all sizes in enhancing knowledge transfer and improving the customer experience via superior and more accessible documentation workflows.

Key Features:

  1. Documentation Automation: Wanda automates the often tedious task of writing and maintaining documentation, enabling team members to dedicate more time to the development of quality products.
  2. Auto-generation from GitHub: One of Wanda's standout features is its ability to automatically generate documentation from a GitHub repository in mere seconds.
  3. AI Training: Wanda's AI can be trained with your team's documentation, enabling it to provide technical support, automate repetitive tasks, and rapidly respond to customer inquiries.
  4. Simplified Process: Wanda aims to simplify the documentation process, helping teams reduce their time spent on technical documentation by 90%.


  • Wanda offers a significant reduction in time spent on documentation, freeing up resources for more critical tasks.
  • The tool's ability to generate documentation from a GitHub repository allows for a seamless transition of information from product development to documentation.
  • Its AI's capacity to be trained with team-specific documentation helps in providing custom, automated technical support.
  • With its user-friendly interface, Wanda turns even the most complicated documentation processes into straightforward, manageable tasks.

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