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Generate insights from your data and build intuitive dashboards with speed.

Added on May 11, 2023

Vizly | Featured on Futurepedia

Vizly Features

Vizly is an AI tool that automates data analysis and visualization to generate insights and build intuitive dashboards. Key features and advantages include:

  • Automated data analysis and visualization: Uses ChatGPT to automate data visualization and provide automated insights from datasets
  • Dataset flexibility: Allows users to upload their own datasets and provides a default dataset for users who do not have their own data
  • Insight generation: Extracts patterns and trends from data to provide automated insights for informed decision-making
  • Dashboard creation: Builds intuitive dashboards for easy data visualization and analysis

Use cases for Vizly involve various data-related activities:

  • Analyzing and visualizing data to gain insights
  • Streamlining data analysis and visualization with automation
  • Making informed decisions and taking necessary actions based on data insights

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