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AI Data Engine for Computer Vision & Generative AI

Added on November 5, 2023

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V7 Features

V7 offers a comprehensive infrastructure for enterprise training data, covering labeling, workflows, datasets, and human in the loop processes.

Key Features

  • Image Annotation: Delightful data labeling experience.
  • Dataset Management: All your training data organized in one place.
  • Model Management: Automate your data workflows.
  • Auto Annotation: Highly accurate automated labeling.
  • Video Annotation: Annotate videos without frame rate errors.
  • Workflows: Build and automate custom data pipelines.
  • Document Processing: Automate OCR and IDP workflows.
  • Labeling Services: Outsource your annotation to professionals.
  • Industries: Solutions catered for a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Insurance & Finance, Life Sciences & Biotech, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Software & Internet, Sports, and more.
  • Case Studies: Demonstrated success in various industries, such as monitoring the health of cattle through computer vision, developing innovative manufacturing processes, etc.

Use Cases

V7's platform is used by enterprises, startups, and AI partners for a variety of applications. Some customer stories include:

  • CattleEye: Used V7 to develop AI models 10x faster for monitoring the health of cattle.
  • MTC: Utilized V7 to build AI for sorting and segregating nuclear waste, thus developing innovative manufacturing processes.
  • Genmab: Leveraged V7 to speed up tumor detection in digital pathology images for developing antibody therapeutics for cancer treatments.
  • Miovision: Employed V7 to build smart cities with computer vision-powered traffic solutions.

Recent Updates

V7 has recently launched the world's fastest video annotation tool, enabling users to annotate 700x more annotations on videos that are 10x longer.

Additional Resources

V7 also provides a variety of resources such as blogs, product updates, playbooks, webinars, academy, and guides to help users better understand and utilize their platform.


V7 supports integration with various platforms and tools such as AWS, Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform, Azure Blob Storage, REST, Keras, Pytorch, Webhook, HTTPS, Weights & Biases, TensorFlow API, etc.


V7 ensures leading security standards and is SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 compliant.

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