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Typeslashai Features

The /ai Chrome Extension is an AI-powered browser assistant that provides optimized responses to user text prompts. It utilizes OpenAI's API to offer relevant actions or information, improving productivity and convenience for users.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Browser Assistant: Delivers optimized responses to user text prompts in any text field.
  • Privacy and Security: Does not store or process personal data, blocks access to sensitive information, and securely processes account and payment information.
  • Anonymized Usage Data: Monitors limited anonymized usage data to improve product features.
  • No Keystroke Recording or Data Selling: Ensures user privacy by not recording keystrokes or selling user data.

Use Cases:

  • Obtaining quick and accurate information while browsing.
  • Enhancing productivity and convenience in various text-based workflows.
  • Safeguarding privacy and security when using AI-powered assistants.
  • Optimizing workflow and efficiency for small business owners.

The /ai Chrome Extension is a valuable tool that leverages the power of AI to provide optimized responses and enhance users' browsing experience.

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