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Added on October 30, 2023

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Syte Features

Syte is the world's first product discovery platform, leveraging the power of visual AI to enhance the shopping experience and boost revenue for eCommerce businesses. By connecting shoppers with products that align with their unique preferences, Syte transforms how users discover and interact with products online.

Key Features:

  1. Improve Discoverability: Harness the capabilities of visual AI to enhance search results, on-site navigation, and SEO. Syte is a versatile solution ideal for marketplaces, brands, and retailers of all sizes, helping them connect customers with the products they desire.
  2. Sell More: Syte's platform enables the display of visually similar and complementary product recommendations. By inspiring and converting different types of shoppers, businesses can increase sales and revenue.
  3. Thrive in Any Market: Adapt your eCommerce strategies to market realities with visual search, improving operational efficiency, promoting sustainability, and reducing customer dead ends.
  4. Maximize Resources: Syte's AI capabilities automate and scale product tagging, saving time, optimizing merchandising processes, and enhancing the accuracy of product data.

Use Cases:

Syte serves hundreds of brands in fashion, jewelry, and home decor industries, helping them improve conversion rates, boost revenue, and achieve significant business growth. Whether you're aiming to enhance visual discovery, optimize search, or elevate product recommendations, Syte's versatile platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

Key Functionalities:

  • Visual Discovery: Syte's AI-powered visual search creates inspiring shopping experiences, connecting customers with products they'll love. It includes features like image search, inspiration galleries, visual recommendation engines, and advanced personalized recommendations.
  • AI Tagging & Merchandising: Syte drives revenue by enhancing text search and optimizing merchandising processes through automatic product tagging. This feature includes AI deep tags, deep tag analytics, thematic tags, and an AI tag editor & lexicon manager.

Syte's visual AI capabilities empower businesses to stand out in the eCommerce landscape, providing personalized, inspiring, and efficient shopping experiences.

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