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Updated 12/27/2023
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Super.AI's IDP tool is an end-to-end business process automation solution that leverages artificial intelligence to handle unstructured data types such as documents, images, videos, audio, and text.

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Super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tool is a comprehensive solution for automating business processes that involve unstructured data, including documents, images, videos, audio, and text. It leverages a unified AI platform that combines AI, human, and software workers to ensure accurate and efficient processing of complex documents.

Key Features:

  1. End-to-End Business Process Automation: Automate business processes involving unstructured data types.
  2. Unified AI Platform: Handle various unstructured data types, including documents, images, videos, audio, and text.
  3. AI, Human, and Software Workers: Combine AI models, human workers, and software tools to process each component effectively.
  4. Curated Human Workforce: Review low-confidence fields to ensure high-quality data processing.
  5. Project Prioritization: Define project priorities for quality, cost, and speed to meet specific requirements.
  6. 150+ Quality Assurance Mechanisms: Ensure consistent and reliable outcomes with extensive quality checks.
  7. Trusted by Multiple Industries: Used by intelligent automation innovators in financial services, insurance, logistics, retail, and shared services.
  8. Wide Range of Use Cases: Automate claims document processing, damage assessment, customer service quality checks, and more.
  9. Improved Customer Experience: Enhance customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs and risk.
  10. Comprehensive Resources: Access case studies, documentation, FAQs, and additional resources for successful implementation.

Use Cases:

  • Claims document processing automation in the insurance industry.
  • Damage assessment automation for claims management.
  • Customer service quality checks for efficient support operations.
  • Automating document processing and data extraction in financial services.
  • Automation of data-intensive tasks in logistics and supply chain management.

Super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tool offers businesses a comprehensive solution for automating complex processes involving unstructured data. With its combination of AI, human, and software workers, extensive quality assurance mechanisms, and industry trust, Super.AI enables organizations to achieve accurate and efficient data processing while improving customer experience and reducing operational costs.

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